JD Cullum

Birth Name: John David Cullum

Place of Birth: New York City, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 1, 1966

*father – English, Irish, German
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish, Sephardi Jewish

JD Cullum is an American actor. His roles include television’s Revenge of The Nerd, Star Trek: The Next Generation, NYPD Blue, Frasier, 24, Bones, and Law & Order.

JD is the son of Emily, an novelist, playwright, choreographer, and dancer, and John C. Cullum, an actor and singer.

JD’s paternal grandfather was Eldridge V. Cullum, Jr. (the son of Eldridge V. Cullum, Sr. and Caroline Deborah Gunter). JD’s great-grandfather Eldridge was the son of William Pickens Cullum and Narcissa Virginia Holstein.

JD’s paternal grandmother was Grace Elvira Whitten (the daughter of John Austin Whitten and Mary Elizabeth Branch).

JD’s maternal grandfather was named Arthur M. Frankel (the son of David Frankel and Helen). Arthur was a Hungarian Jewish immigrant.

JD’s maternal grandmother was named Bertha Mermelstein (the daughter of Louis Mermelstein and Rosie). Bertha was born in New York, to Spanish Sephardi Jewish parents.

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