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Name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: 15 April, 1990

Ethnicity: English, as well as 1/32 German, distant Welsh, remote Scottish

Emma Watson is an English actress, model, and activist. She is famous for starring as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films.

Emma was born in Paris, France, to English parents, Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby, both lawyers. Her father was born in Surrey South Western, Surrey, and her mother in Boston, Lincolnshire. She lived in Paris until the age of five, before moving to England, living in London and Oxfordshire. She can speak some French.

Emma has said that her father was born in Iran, where her paternal grandparents, who were English, spent some time.

One of Emma’s paternal great-great-great-grandfathers, Charles William Rudolph Duerre, was German, from Memel, Prussia. Charles was the son of Carl Gottlieb Dürre and Amalie Carolina Schroeder.

Emma’s paternal grandfather is Philip/Phillip James Watson (the son of Harry/Harold Kenneth Watson and Gwendoline Elsie Tiller). Philip was born in Brentford, Middlesex, England. Harry was the son of Thomas Watson and Ethel Louise Riley. Gwendoline was the daughter of James Tiller and Jennet/Janet Down, whose own mother was of Welsh origin.

Emma’s paternal grandmother is Freda E. Duerre (the daughter of Frederic E. Duerre and Susannah Martha Pannell). Freda was born in Lambeth, London, England. Frederic was the son of Ernest Frederick Duerre and Ellen Emma Soul. Susannah was the daughter of Albert Isaac Pannell and Susannah Sarah Hutchings.

Emma’s maternal grandfather is Colin Luesby (the son of Horace Luesby and Edith Speck). Colin was born in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England. Horace was the son of John Peake Luesby and Susan Ward. Edith was the daughter of Robert Speck and Fanny Smith.

Emma’s maternal grandmother is Greta M. Dickinson (the daughter of John George Dickinson and Winifred Jane Bonsor). Greta was born in Boston, Lincolnshire, England. John was the son of George Dickinson and Elizabeth Rebecca A. Walton. Winifred was the daughter of William Bonsor and Mary Jane Tanser.

Both of Emma’s maternal grandparents were from families that had lived in Lincolnshire for several generations.

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  1. Gavinboi says:

    I recalled seeing some online sources claim that she has a French grandmother, which clearly isn’t accurate.

  2. andrew says:

    She has a 9 years old pic. Time to change it?

  3. jackson9 says:

    Emma is 1/32 Welsh. Janet Downs (Emma’s 2nd great-grandmother) was born in Britton, Ferry, Wales. Her mother Kate Williams has a long line of ancestry from Wales even though her husband’s side is from England.
    Distant Scottish: Two of Emma Watson’s 6th great-grandparents were Scottish. Hugh Harley, August 22, 1742 born in Scotland along with his wife Ann Watson 1745 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    Remote French: At least two of Emma Watson’s 10th great-grandparents were French. Michaelis Couv Reur (1604-1669) was born in Nord, France along with his wife Joanne Vermeersch (1605-1663) also from Nord, France.

  4. chris91 says:

    I thought it’s pretty common knowledge that those dark Brits either have Iberian or possibly even middle eastern/indian admixture from colonial times. Either way original europeans are light skinned with light hair and eyes. Dark eyes and dark brown hair is inherently non european. Obvious give away of their mixed ancestry(and there are a lot of those). Real Brits are Anglo-Saxons, a germanic tribe.

    • andrew says:

      “Dark Brits” LOL, such a curious Internet phenomenon. Her physical appearence is absolutely common throughout the British Isles. Also “original Europeans” were definitely darker skinned than modern ones (from what we know) and if you think that “Real Brits” descend just from Anglo-Saxons, well they’re a minority. Pathetic.

    • Obey says:

      How ridiculous is your opinion! There are countless Europeans with brown hair and eyes, and still children of purely Aryan parents! For example the singer Enya has black hair and even so it would never stop being white even if it took a tan. In the original Germanic story, Snow White had black hair as ebony and was extremely pure and white! Archaeologists have already confided that the race that gave rise to the Europeans were not so white! Study and you will know!

    • Mixed Kidd says:

      “dark Brits either have Iberian or possibly even middle eastern/indian admixture from colonial times.”
      You’re joking, right? British people and Mediterranean are completely different cultures. If anything Emma’s’dark features’ most likely could come from her German side. I doubt she has Spanish or Middle Eastern ancestry

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