Jason Dirden

Dirden in 2018, photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Jason Edward Dirden

Place of Birth: Houston, Harris, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 23, 1980

Ethnicity: African-American, Louisiana Creole [African, French], one sixteenth Ashkenazi Jewish

Jason Dirden is an American actor.

He is the son of Deborah and actor Willie Dirden. His parents are mostly of African-American and Louisiana Creole ancestry, with his father also being of one eighth Ashkenazi Jewish descent. His brother is actor Brandon J. Dirden, and his sister-in-law, Brandon’s wife, is actress Crystal Dickinson.

Jason’s paternal grandfather is named James Edward Dirden.

Jason’s paternal grandmother was Mary Augar Feronberg/Beronberg (the daughter of Charles “Charlie” Feronberg and Grace Richmond). Mary was born in Texas. Charles was born in Louisiana, the son of Robert Hartman Feronberg/Firnberg and Victoria Ceasar/Ceaser, and was listed as “negro” on his death record. Grace was born in Louisiana, and likely was the daughter of Julia Boudoin/Bodoin and a father surnamed Richinoud.

Jason’s great-great-grandfather Robert was born in Louisiana, to Jewish parents from Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and France, respectively, Solomon Firnberg and Pauline Bloch. Jason’s great-great-grandmother Victoria was black.

Jason’s maternal grandfather was Lucien Joseph Leal (the son of Adolph/Adolf/Adolphe Francis Leal and Palmyra/Palmise Raymond). Lucien was born in Louisiana. Adolph was born in Louisiana, the son of Adolphe Léal and Georgiana Brown/Brum. Palmyra was born in Louisiana.

Jason’s maternal grandmother was Barbara Jean Burton (the daughter of Dwight L. Burton and Myrtle Frances Pottinger). Barbara was born in Kansas. Dwight was born in Missouri, the son of Josiah S. Burton and Synthia/Syntha/Cynthia. Myrtle was born in Kansas, the daughter of John Edward Pottinger and Mary.

Jason’s great-great-grandfather John Edward Pottinger was listed as having been born in England on the 1900 and 1910 U.S. Censuses, as well as on several Kansas State Censuses, and as having been born in Kentucky on the 1920 U.S. Census. He was listed as “black” or “mulatto” on those records.

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