Wade Allain-Marcus

Place of Birth: New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 7, 1985

*father – Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – African-American, Louisiana Creole [African, French, Spanish]

Wade Allain-Marcus is an American actor, director, and writer.

He is the son of directors and producers Mitch Marcus and Stephanie Allain. His brother is writer and director Jesse Allain-Marcus.

Wade’s paternal grandfather is Bradley David Marcus (the son of David Harry Marcus and Mildred P. Bernstein). Bradley was born in Ohio. Wade’s great-grandfather David was born in either Illinois or Romania, to parents from Romania, Usher Marcus and Matilda Roth/Rath. Mildred was born in Illinois, to parents from Russia and Austria, Louis Bernstein and Regina Schwafel.

Wade’s paternal grandmother is Marcia Lee Cherniss (the daughter of Jack Cherniss and Shirley Silverman). Marcia was born in California. Jack was born in either Nebraska or Kansas, to parents from Russia, Herman S. Cherniss and Leona Lechtman. Wade’s great-grandmother Shirley was born in New York, the daughter of Maxwell Solomon Silverman, who was born in Romania, and of Caroline “Carrie” Katz, whose parents were from Hungary.

Wade’s maternal grandfather was Charles Clyde Allain (the son of Joseph L. Allain and Nina/Nena Daisy Molina/Molino). Charles was born in Louisiana. Joseph was born in Louisiana, the son of François Arthur “Frank” Allain and Anna/Anne Honore. Nina was also born in Louisiana, the daughter of Charles Molina and Ellen/Hellen.

Wade’s maternal grandmother is Gwendolyn Louise “Gwen” Theard (the daughter of William Joseph Theard and Mabel/Mable Mildred Lewis). Gwendolyn was born in Louisiana. William was born in Louisiana, and likely was the son of Willie Theard and Lorvania/Louvinia Landreaux. Mabel was also born in Louisiana, the daughter of Warner C. Lewis and Mable Carney.

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