Gary Dauberman

Dauberman in 2019, photo by DFree/

Birth Name: Gary Lewis Dauberman

Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: c. 1978

Ethnicity: German, English, one quarter Ukrainian

Gary Dauberman is an American screenwriter and director. He is known for writing horror film Annabelle (2014) and its sequels, among others.

He was raised in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. He is married to Sara, with whom he has two children.

Gary’s paternal grandfather was Benjamin L. Dauberman (the son of Claude Elsworth Dauberman and Bertha Myli Smith). Benjamin was born in Pennsylvania. Claude was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Benjamin Sylvanus Dauberman and Anna Maria Shade. Bertha was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Joseph Smith and Alice Hoyt.

Gary’s paternal grandmother was Carmen S. Kramer (the daughter of Charles A. Kramer and Dora Mae Libby). Carmen was born in Pennsylvania. Charles was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Harry M. Kramer and Eliza B. Phillips. Dora was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of John Libby and Louisa Charlotta Buffington.

Gary’s maternal grandfather was Nicholas Fanok (the son of Anton “Anthony” Fanok and Anna “Annie” Boychak/Boychek). Nicholas was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Galicia, now Ukraine. Anton and Annie were listed as Ukrainian speakers on the 1920 and 1930 U.S. Censuses.

Gary’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Loy Snyder (the daughter of Clarence Emmon Snyder and Fianna/Fionna Mae/Maye Bogar). Margaret was born in Pennsylvania. Clarence was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of James Franklin Schneider and Ann Elizabeth Witmer. Fianna was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Isaac Meck Bogar and Emma Louise Eby.

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  1. andrewcoe says:

    Interesting, he is my 6th cousin through his Eby line. And he lives near where I grew up.

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