Gabriel Boric

Birth Name: Gabriel Boric Font

Place of Birth: Punta Arenas, Magallanes, Chile

Date of Birth: 11 February, 1986

*father – Croatian
*mother – Chilean [Spanish, some Catalan, Italian, possibly other]

Gabriel Boric is a Chilean politician. He has served as President of Chile, since 11 March, 2022. He has also been President of the University of Chile Student Federation, from 19 December, 2011 to 28 November, 2012, and a Member of the Chamber of Deputies, from 11 March, 2014 to 11 March, 2018, and again, from 11 March, 2018 to 11 March, 2022.

His father, Luis Javier Boric Scarpa, is a chemical engineer, and is of Croatian descent. His mother, María Soledad Font Aguilera, is of Spanish, Catalan, and Italian descent.

He is a great-nephew of Vladimiro Boric, who served as the first bishop of Punta Arenas, and Roque Scarpa Martinich, an intendant of Magallanes Region. He is a first cousin, twice removed, of writer, literary critic, and scholar Roque Esteban Scarpa, through his paternal great-great-grandparents Roko Škarpa and Nikolina Kovačević.

President Boric’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his third great-grandfather, Tomo Borić.

President Boric’s paternal grandfather was Luis Pedro Boric Crnosija (the son of Ive Borić, or Juan Boric Baresic in Spanish, and of Božica Tomica Crnošija, or Natalia Crnosija Vucina in Spanish). Luis was born in Punta Arenas, Magallanes, to Croatian parents, from Ugljan, Preko, Zadar. Ive was the son of Ive Borić and Stošija Barešić. Božica was the daughter of Božo Crnošija and Maria Vučina.

President Boric’s paternal grandmother was Magdalena “Wanda” Scarpa Martinic (the daughter of Toma Škarpa, or Tomás Scarpa Kovacevic in Spanish, and of Marijana Martinić, or Mariana Martinic Yakasovic in Spanish). Magdalena was born in Punta Arenas, to Croatian parents, from Stari Grad and Pučišća, respectively, both in Split-Dalmatia. Toma was the son of Roko Škarpa and Nikolina Kovačević. Marijana was the daughter of Stjepan Martinić and Magdalena Jakasović.

President Boric’s maternal grandfather was named Jaime Font Binotto (the son of parents surnamed Font and Binotto Henríquez). Jaime was born in Talca, Talca. Jaime’s maternal grandparents were Antonio Binotto Acespini and Evarista Henriquez Sandoval.

President Boric’s maternal grandmother was Regina del Carmen Aguilar Carrasco (the daughter of Arturo Aguilera Aguilera and Luzmira Carrasco Castillo).


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  1. Manila says:

    He was inaugurated last 11 March.

  2. follers says:

    His father’s Croatian ancestry is traceable back hundreds of years on geni. Croatian people didn’t just all change their last names from Italian ones.

  3. andrew says:


    If it can help, Jaime Font Binotto’s mother was the daughter of Antonio Binotto Acespini and Evarista Henriquez Sandoval.

    This makes Boric 1/16 Italian, though his Dalmatian ancestors may have some Italian ancestry as well.

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