Fran Kranz


Kranz in 2013, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Francis Elliott Kranz

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 13, 1981

*father – German, Irish
*mother – English, Northern Irish/Irish, Scottish

Fran Kranz is an American actor and comedian.

His father is of one quarter German and three quarters Irish ancestry. His mother has English, Northern Irish/Irish, and Scottish ancestry.

Fran is married to actress Spencer Margaret Richmond, who is the daughter of actress Jaclyn Smith and filmmaker Anthony B. Richmond. The couple has two children.

Fran’s paternal grandfather was Frank George Kranz (the son of Henry George Kranz and Ida E. Hart). Frank was born in Iowa. Henry was a German immigrant, the son of Adam Kranz and Elizabeth. Ida was born in Illinois, to Irish parents John Patrick Hart, from County Sligo, and Mary Moran.

Fran’s paternal grandmother was named Eileen E. Savage (the daughter of Thomas F. Savage and Lydia T.). Eileen was born in Colorado. Thomas was born in New York; according to several records, Thomas was born to an Irish-born father and a New York-born mother, while one record lists both of Thomas’s parents as having been born in Ireland. Lydia was born in Kansas, to Irish parents.

Fran’s maternal grandfather was Richard Thomas Barton (the son of George Sydney Barton and Marjorie Dow Moses). Richard was born in California. George was born in California, to English parents, Thomas W. Barton and Anna Parr. Marjorie was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Frederick Lorenzo Moses and Ella Belle Nye, and had English and Scottish ancestry.

Fran’s maternal grandmother was Patricia P. Caddell (the daughter of John Graham Caddell and Florence Anita Pearl). Fran’s grandmother Patricia was born in California. John was born in Colorado, the son of Edward Caddell and Elizabeth Graham, emigrants from either Northern Ireland, or Ireland and Scotland, respectively. Florence was born in California, to a father from Minnesota, Fred Leavitt/Lewis Pearl, and a mother from Aylwin, Qu├ębec, Canada, Fannie West.

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