Eva Simons

Birth Name: Eva Maria Simons

Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Birth: 27 April, 1984

*father – Dutch
*mother – Surinamese [African, other]

Eva Simons is a Dutch singer, songwriter, and actress.

She grew up in a family of musicians, with a Dutch pianist father, Cornelis Meijer, and a Surinamese backing singer and vocalist mother, Ingrid Simons, who has African ancestry. She is married to Sidney Samson.

Eva’s paternal grandfather was accordionist Johnny Meijer (Jan Cornelis Meijer, the son of Carel Diedrich Meijer and Pietje Faas). Johnny was born in Amsterdam. He played classical, folk, and swing. Carel was the son of Carel Fredrik Meijer and Geertrui Wilmans. Pietje was the daughter of Jacobus Faas and Regina Jacoba Louwens.

Eva’s paternal grandmother was Johanna Hendrika Nijland (the daughter of Johan Hendrik Nijland and Johanna Susanna Carolina Folterman).

Sources: Genealogies of Eva’s paternal grandparents, Johnny Meijer and Johanna Hendrika Nijland – https://www.genealogieonline.nl

Biography of Eva’s paternal grandfather, Jan Cornelis Meijer – http://resources.huygens.knaw.nl

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  1. LizzieLana says:


    Paternal Grandfather —-> son of Carel Diedrich Meijer and Pietje Faas.

    Paternal Grandmother —-> Johanna Hendrika Nijland

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