Emilie Nicolas

Birth Name: Emilie Nicolas Kongshavn

Place of Birth: Bærum, Viken, Norway

Date of Birth: 26 November, 1987

*father – French [Breton]
*mother – Norwegian, as well as 1/16th English, some German

Emilie Nicolas is a Norwegian electropop singer and songwriter. She was born in Bærum, to a Norwegian mother, Kari Elisabeth Kongshavn, and a French father, Jean Francois Nicolas, from Brittany, who is a sculptor. Her cousin, Thomas Kongshavn, is a music producer.

She has one child with Norwegian actor Herbert Nordrum.

Emilie’s maternal grandfather was Sverre Kongshavn (the son of Trygve Kongshavn and Anna Sivertsdatter Holme). Sverre was born in Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway, and was a businessperson and conservative politician. Trygve was the son of Ole Mikal Halvorsen Kongshavn and Thea Ingeline Larsdatter Fostenæs. Anna was the daughter of Sivert Pedersen Holme and Eli Serine Torsdatter Stakkestad.

Emilie’s maternal grandmother was Inger Marie Bennett Meidell (the daughter of Jakob Gerhard Tybring Meidell and Lillian Bennett). Inger’s parents were born in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. Lillian was the daughter of Alfred Bennett, who was of half English descent, and of Dorothea Hoffmann.

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Genealogy of Emilie’s mother (focusing on her own mother’s side) – http://zinow.no

Genealogy of Emilie’s maternal grandfather, Sverre Kongshavn – https://www.geni.com

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  1. Akwaba says:

    She has a child with Norwegian actor Herbert Nordrum

  2. Akwaba says:

    Her great grandmother full name was Anna Sivertsdatter Holme : https://www.geni.com/people/Anna-Kongshavn/6000000010300824697

  3. Akwaba says:

    Her parents are named Jean Francois Nicolas and Kari Elisabeth Kongshavn. Her father is a sculptor : https://www.1881.no/person/asker/asker/jean-francois-nicolas_32193732S1/

    • Akwaba says:

      I found her mother’s side, I didn’t expect that ! http://zinow.no/tngfiles1010/pedigree.php?personID=I15863&tree=tree1zinow

      Her maternal grandfather, Sverre Kongshavn, was a businessman and conservative politician. He was born in Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway to Trygve K. and Anna Holme.

      Her maternal grandmother was named Inger Marie Bennett Meidell, the daughter of Jakob Gerhard Tybring Meidell and Lillian Bennett (who were born in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway). Lillian Bennet was the daughter of Alfred Bennett, who was half English, and Dorothea Hoffmann.

      Emilie Nicolas is of 1/32 English and has German ancestry too.

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