Elizabeth Montgomery

Date of Birth: April 15, 1933

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Death: May 18, 1995

Place of Death: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish

Elizabeth Montgomery was an American actress. She was known for her role on the television series Bewitched, and also starred in the television films A Case of Rape, The Legend of Lizzie Borden, and Dark Victory, among others.

She was the daughter of actors Elizabeth Bryan Allen (born Elizabeth Daniel Allen) and Robert Montgomery (born Henry Montgomery, Jr.). Her aunt was actress Martha Bryan Allen.

Many of her family lines have been in the United States since the 1600s. Much of her ancestry was English, with significant amounts of Scottish, Irish, and Northern Irish.

Elizabeth was married to actor Robert Foxworth, until her death. She had three children with her former husband, producer, director, and screenwriter William Asher.

Elizabeth’s paternal grandfather was Henry Montgomery, Sr. (the son of Archibald Montgomery and Margaret N. Edminston). Henry was born in New York, to a father from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and a mother from Scotland.

Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother was Mary Weed Barney (the daughter of Nathan Barney, Jr. and Mary Anne Deverell). Elizabeth’s grandmother Mary was born in New Jersey. Nathan was the son of Nathan Barney, Sr. and Hannah Carey. Elizabeth’s great-grandmother Mary Anne was born in Sr. Mary Parish, Jamaica, the daughter of George Deverell and Mary Ann Stephenson, both also of Jamaica.

Elizabeth’s maternal grandfather was Bryan Hunt Allen (the son of Bryan Hunt Allen and Mary Hannah Higgins). Elizabeth’s grandfather Bryan was born in Kentucky. Elizabeth’s great-grandfather Bryan was the son of Martha Grace Bryan. Mary was the daughter of Wyatt Kay Higgins and Priscilla A. Wilmot.

Elizabeth’s maternal grandmother was Rebecca Lowry Daniel (the daughter of Coleman Spencer Daniel and Ellen Wright). Rebecca was born in Kentucky. Coleman was the son of William August Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Cooper. Ellen was the daughter of John Wright and Ellen Lowery.

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  1. bablah says:

    *Elizabeth’s grandmother Mary was born in Connecticut.
    *Hannah Nancy
    Elizabeth’s great-grandmother Mary Barney was born in Sr. Mary Parish, Jamaica, the daughter of George Deverell and Mary Ann Stephenson, both also of Jamaica.

    Elizabeth’s grandfather Bryan was born in Kentucky. Mary was the daughter of Wyatt Kay Higgins and Priscilla A. Wilmot.

  2. follers says:

    Ethnic, is there a picture, please?

  3. Holly12 says:

    That’s brilliant Follers! Thank-you. :)

    Also would you be able to add Joanna Lumley on here. She’s a British national treasure & former bond girl & most famous as ‘Patsy’ in the British TV show ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. I have her book called ‘Joanna Lumley Absolutely’ & it has a bit of information about her family in the book. Her family on both sides lived in India for several generations, but they were mainly of English descent. She says in the book about her mother’s side of the family & I quote;

    ‘My mother’s mother Thyra was Danish but had been born in New Zealand, where her father Christian Sommers had set up his life in the 19th Century. She met Leslie Weir (Joanna’s grandfather) while she was in Burma; my great uncle Bart, her brother, was building a hospital there, & because he was a bachelor at the time Thyra went with him to run his household. My grandparents’ wedding was quite small and without the usual complement of family guests & close friends, as Burma was a long way from India & New Zealand.’

    Her father James Rutherford Lumley was born in Lahore, but he was sent to boarding school in England. Joanna’s grandfather Charles Chester Lumley was the son of a clergyman named William Faithfull Lumley a chaplain of Chelmsford Prison.

    You can check these out if you like, but I assure you I’ve got all the above information from her biography. If I find anymore out I will let you know.

    Thank-you Follers. :)

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