Eleni Foureira

Birth Name: Entela Fureraj

Place of Birth: Fier, People’s Socialist Republic of Albania (now Albania)

Date of Birth: 7 March, 1987

Ethnicity: Albanian, Greek

Eleni Foureira is an Albanian-born Greek recording artist, singer, and dancer. She was a member of Greek girl group Mystique.

She is the daughter of Marjeta and Kristaq Fureraj. She was raised Eastern Orthodox. Eleni grew up in Vlorë, and later moved with her family to Greece during the 1997 Albanian civil unrest. They settled in Athens.

Eleni’s ethnic origins have been debated. As a member of Mystique, she stated that she is Brazilian. However, she later said that her father was from Athens and her mother from Ioannina, Greece, and that she had some Mexican ancestry as well. In 2014, she stated that she is indeed of Albanian origin. She added that she hid her Albanian roots due to Albanophobia in Greece, and that she would have been denied by record labels if she was known to be Albanian.

A MyHeritage DNA test taken by Eleni stated that her genetic ancestry is:

*68.9% Greek and South Italian
*29.8% Balkan
*1.3% Ashkenazi Jewish

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  1. Manila says:

    She had her DNA tested through MyHeritage. She has the following ethnicity:
    * 68.9% Greek and South Italian
    * 29.8% Balkan
    * 1.3% Ashkenazi Jewish


  2. Manila says:

    Eurovision Song Contest 2018 final results are out!

    Netta Barzilai won the contest. I have recently submitted her article to this site.

    These are the rankings of the other contestants: (in proper order)
    2nd – Eleni Foureira (Cyprus)
    3rd – Cesár Sampson (Austria)
    7th – Benjamin Ingrosso (Sweden)
    8th – Elina Nechayeva (Estonia)
    12th – Ieva Zasimauskaitė (Lithuania)
    15th – Alexander Rybak (Norway)
    17th – Mélovin (Ukraine)
    18th – Waylon (Netherlands)
    20th – Jessica Mauboy (Australia)
    23rd – Amaia Romero & Alfred García (Spain)
    24th – SuRie (United Kingdom)
    25th – Saara Aalto (Finland)

    Since photos are not available on two photo-hosting sites, I am not sure if you will be allowed to use these: https://www.eurovisionary.com/category/gallery/

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