Dudley Moore

Birth Name: Dudley Stuart John Moore

Date of Birth: 19 April, 1935

Place of Birth: St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England, U.K.

Date of Death: March 27, 2002

Place of Death: Plainfield, New Jersey, U.S.

*father – Scottish
*mother – English, some Welsh

Dudley Moore was an English actor, comedian, composer, and musician. He starred in the films Bedazzled, 10, Arthur, Unfaithfully Yours, Micki & Maude, Foul Play, Santa Claus: The Movie, and Crazy People, among others.

Dudley was the son of Ada Francis and John Havlin Moore. His father was Scottish, from Glasgow. His mother was English, and had mostly English, and some Welsh, ancestry. He had a son with his former wife, American actress Tuesday Weld; and a son with his former wife Nicole Rothschild.

Dudley’s maternal grandfather was William Owen Hughes (the son of William Owen Hughes and Emma Kate Derrett). Dudley’s great-grandfather William was the son of William Hughes and Elizabeth Gilbert. Emma was the daughter of Frederick Derrett and Anna Marks or Mitchell.

Dudley’s maternal grandmother was Ada Ratford (the daughter of George Ratford and Mary Ida Ames). George was the son of William Ratford and Lucy Mortlock. Mary was the daughter of Luke Martin Ames and Sarah/Sally Deeks.

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