Dayanara Torres

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Birth Name: Dayanara Torres Delgado

Place of Birth: Villalba, Puerto Rico

Date of Birth: October 28, 1974

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Dayanara Torres is a Puerto Rican actress, singer, model, and writer. She was Miss Universe in 1993.

Dayanara is the daughter of José Torres López and Luz Delgado. She was has two children with her former husband, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor Marc Anthony.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. bree says:

    Most Puerto Ricans are MIXED. Just because the census says that 75 percent of them are just white does not mean its true. I come from a Puerto Rican family and know all too well that they all wish they were white with blond hair and blue eyes. Even the ones who have tan skin and clearly look mixed, when you mention to them that they have African in them they look at you like your crazy. The census is something you fill out on your own so I know lots that love to fill in they are white cuz they believe its better. theres nothing wrong with being white or being black or mixed just wish people wouldn’t deny their roots or favor one over the other

  2. maddib2004 says:

    Im Puerto Rican and yes the majority is white skinned I know I have lived there .M family is 95% fair skinned and a few tanned skinned !! So whats the big Deal . Just Because you see alot of Tan skinned Puerto Rican living here that are tanned skinned does not make the entire race dark.
    I have many members of my family who have have blonde hair blue and green eyes including myself !!! If you dont know what you are talking about . dont say anything at all!!!

  3. Dropit! says:

    Well I’m an italian American from NY and I’ve been to Pto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico and I can say that Puerto Rican women are more beautiful and mostly white a european look. You do find the typical latina tan look but mostly are white. The Dominicans tend to be more mullatos or black while mexican have more indian features.

    • BIG PAC says:

      puerto rican chicks all fuck with black dudes. specially black dudes from the projects of new york. they’re getho as fuck.

    • Hope Moretti says:

      That can’t be true. You r a liar. Go to the North of Mexico and then tell me if they look indigenous.

    • Hope Moretti says:

      What a liar. I bet you haven’t even visited Mexico.
      Mexico; North, Center, Coast and South
      Go to the North of Mexico and then tell me if we all look indigenous. If you go to the South of Mexico, then you will find a lot of people with more indigenous blood.
      Go to GUADALAJARA, SONORA, CHIHUAHUA, Sinaloa, Durango, or any other state in the North of Mexico and then tell me if we all look indigenous. Last but not least. We have that horrible stereotypes about Mexicans because most of the immigrants in US are from the South of Mexico. Not all of them but most of them. and they think we are all like that. Please if you hate Mexico and Mexicans just say it “I HATE MEXICANS” but don’t tell lies. Mexico is a huge country with different types of Mexicans, accents, cultures, features, words, and history.

  4. rafael says:

    miss universe, what else can i say

  5. monica says:

    in the dominican republic there are some areas where there are more full black people than other areas like in the south. e.g. san pedro de macoris, that place is full of afro-dominicans [excluding mulattos] most are either descendants of african slaves or haitians, so i think pr is the same. some areas could have more people from one race than other areas, and i think that fixed look rafael is talking about are mulattos or mestizos? i dont know much about puerto rico, but this is what wiki says

    White (mostly Spanish origin) 75.8%, Black 12.4%, Asian 0.2%, Amerindian 0.5%, SOR 7.8%, other 3.3%

    i dont know if i believe this, because most puerto ricans do not look white like ricky martin, they either look mulatto e.g. rosie perez, la la vasquez or mestizo e.g. ramon rodriguez, roselyn sanchez

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