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Birth Name: Elta Danneel Graul

Place of Birth: Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 18, 1979

Ethnicity: Italian/Sicilian (maternal grandmother), Cajun [French], English, German, Scottish, Irish

Danneel Ackles, previously credited as Danneel Harris and Danneel Graul, is an American actress and model. She is known for her role on the series One Tree Hill. Danneel was raised in the small town Eunice, in St. Landry Parish. She is married to actor and director Jensen Ackles, with whom she has three children.

Danneel’s paternal grandfather was Edward Eugene Graul (the son of James William Graul and Gwendolyn Dorice Cobb). Edward was born in Texas. James was the son of William Eugene Graul and Katherine Bullock. Gwendolyn was the daughter of Edward Everett Cobb and Margaret Moy Holley.

Danneel’s paternal grandmother was Rita Jo Anne Howard (the daughter of Arthur Averil Howard and Gladys Maurine Martin). Gladys was the daughter of John Arley/Arleigh Martin and Lillian Missouri McClain.

Danneel’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Erray Ardoin (the son of Hosea Ardoin and Mary Elta Vige). Joseph was born in Louisiana. Hosea was the son of Alexandre Ardoin and Marie Saucier. Danneel’s great-grandmother Mary Elta was the daughter of Caliste Vige and Marie Celima Breaux.

Danneel’s maternal grandmother was Genevieve Pepitone (the daughter of Frank Pepitone/Pipitone and Cosima Graffeo). Genevieve was born in Louisiana. Frank was from Castelvetrano, Sicily, and was the son of Thomas Pepitone and Seidata Antonia. Cosima was the daughter of Angelo Graffeo and Jenny Giovani.

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  1. bablah says:


    Maternal grandmother was Genevieve Pepitone, daughter of Frank Pepitone/Pipitone (son of Thomas Pepitone and Seidata Antonia) and Cosima Graffeo (daughter of Angelo Graffeo & Jenny Giovani). Frank was from Castelvetrano, Sicily.


    Maternal grandfather was Joseph Erray Ardoin, son of Hosea Ardoin and Mary Elta Vige. Hosea was the son of Alexandre Ardoin (son of Jean Baptiste Ardoin and Mathilde Tate) and Marie Saucier (daughter of Jean Baptiste Saucier and Louise McCauley). Mary Elta was the daughter of Caliste Vige and Marie Celima Breaux).

    • ashash says:

      Yes, I am not sure why Italian is not listed for her since she has said she is a hundred times and does not appear to be lying based on the name of her maternal grandmother.

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