Maria Fernanda Cândido

Cândido in 2019, photo by Denis Makarenko/

Birth Name: Maria Fernanda Cândido Gomes (likely)

Place of Birth: Londrina, Paraná, Brazil

Date of Birth: May 21, 1974

*75% Italian
*25% Brazilian [Portuguese, possibly other]

Maria Fernanda Cândido is a Brazilian actress, television presenter, and model.

She is the daughter of Agda (Malvezi) and José Reginaldo Cândido. She is married to French businessperson Petrit Spahija, with whom she has two children.

Three of her grandparents were of Italian descent. She has said:

The funny thing is that I use Cândido in my name, which is the only Brazilian part of the family.

Maria’s paternal grandfather was named José Cândido Gomes (the son of Faustino Cândido Gomes and Maria Augusta). José was born in Minas Gerais.

Maria’s paternal grandmother was Tomázia/Tomásia “Mázia” Guiraldelli (the daughter of Thomaz/Thomas/Tomaz Guiraldelli/Ghirardelli and Ana Pascoalina/Pascoalini). Tomázia was born in Minas Gerais. Thomaz was born in Minas Gerais, to Italian parents, Innocencio Guiraldelli/Ghirardelli and Pierina Zaghi. Ana was born in Minas Gerais, and was also of Italian descent.

Maria’s maternal grandfather was surnamed Malvezi/Malvezzi.

Maria’s maternal grandmother is named Aparecida Bortolacci/Bortolazzi.

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