Rodrigo Hilbert

Birth Name: Rodrigo Hilbert Alberton

Place of Birth: Orleans, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date of Birth: April 22, 1980

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Italian, German, possibly other]

Rodrigo Hilbert is a Brazilian actor, television host, and model.

Rodrigo is the son of Suzete (Hilbert) and Angelo Alberton. He is married to actress, model, businessperson, journalist, and television host Fernanda Lima, with whom he has two children.

Rodrigo’s maternal grandfather was Henrique Ernesto “Haine” Hilbert (the son of Henrique Walter Hilbert and Kätcheen Hammerschmidt). Rodrigo’s great-grandfather Henrique was born in Lauro Müller, Santa Catarina, to German parents, Ernest Julius “Ernesto Julio” Hilbert and Selma Pauline Hemmann. Kätcheen was born in Germany, the daughter of Ernest “Ernesto” Hammerschmidt and Lizette Ana Sofia Tekla Gladen.

Rodrigo’s maternal grandmother was named Eredina “Eda” Luciano.

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