Cole Escola

Birth Name: Cole A. Escola

Place of Birth: Clatskanie, Oregon, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 25, 1986

Ethnicity: Finnish/Kven, Icelandic, English

Cole Escola is an American comedian, actor, and singer.

Cole is the son of Christine and Steven Escola.

Cole’s paternal grandfather was Edmund Rudolph Escola/Eskola (the son of Rudolph John Escola/Eskola and Anna Amelia/Amili Kelli). Edmund was born in Washington. Cole’s great-grandfather Rudolph was born in Michigan, the son of August Escola/Eskola, who was born in Siikajoki, Oulu, Finland, and of Anna Caroline Mattisdatter Poikila, who was born in Vadsø, Norway, of Finnish descent. Cole’s great-grandmother Anna was born in Washington, to parents from Kuusamo, Oulu, Finland, Johan Petter Kelli and Britta Leena Karjalainen.

Cole’s paternal grandmother was named Alice Quirk. Alice was born in Liverpool, England.

Cole’s maternal grandfather was Christopher Eymundson “Chris” Emerson (the son of Gorel Sigursson and Gudlaug Magnea Laura Bjarnadottir). Christopher was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, and was of Icelandic descent. Gorel was born in Iceland, the son of Sigurur Eymundsson and Gurn Jhanna/Johanna Einarsditter/Einarsdottir. Gudlaug was born in Iceland, the daughter of Bjarni Bjrnsson and Matthildur Gumundsdottir.

Cole’s maternal grandmother was Irene Helen Niemi (the daughter of Oscar Niemi and Hannah Ameliah/Amelia “Millie” Hibak/Hybak). Irene was born in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, and was of Finnish descent. Oscar was the son of Isaac/Issac Niemi and Emma Erikson. Hannah was the daughter of Finnish parents, August Hupakka and Aurora Matilda Andersintytär.

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  1. madman says:

    Anna’s parents were Finnish, so remove Norwegian.

    • madman says:

      You could tag him as Kven too, since that’s the name of the Finnish-descended people in Northern Norway. Renée Zellweger also has Kven ancestors, which is mentioned in her profile.
      And I would change Kveeni to Kven in her profile, since that appears to be the more common demonym in English.

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