Christine Woods

Christine Woods – 7th Annual International Artivist Film Festival & Awards Opening Screening of “ReGeneration” – Photo Credit: Tatiana Beller / PR Photos

Birth Name: Christine Elizabeth Woods

Place of Birth: El Toro (Lake Forest), Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 3, 1983

Ethnicity: English, Polish, some Dutch, possibly Norwegian and Irish

Christine Woods is an American actress.

Christine is sometimes described as Irish American.

Christine’s paternal grandfather was Sterling Allen Woods, son of Roy Emmie Woods and Marion May Parish. Roy was the son of Ira Palmer Woods (son of Hannibal Woods and Electa Allen) and Nevina Georgiana Harris (daughter of Hiram Harris and Martha J. Weaver). Marion was the daughter of Fred Parish (son of John Parish and Clara S. Hill) and Ora De Wolf (daughter of Myron Dewolf and Julia Gray).

Christine’s paternal grandmother was Sylvia Mary Ostrowski, daughter of John Aloysius Ostrowski and Mary Sobota. John was born in Minnesota to Polish parents Stanislaw Ostrowski and Maria. Mary was also born in Minnesota to Polish parents.

Christine’s maternal grandparents have last names Nielsen and Armstrong.

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