Canelo Álvarez

Álvarez in 2016, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán

Place of Birth: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Date of Birth: 18 July, 1990

Ethnicity: Mexican [Spanish, possibly other]

Canelo Álvarez, also known as Saúl Álvarez, is a Mexican professional boxer. He has won multiple world championships, in four weight classes, from light middleweight to light heavyweight. His nickname Canelo means “cinnamon.”

He is the son of Ana María Barragán and Santos Álvarez. Among his siblings are Ramón Álvarez, Ricardo Álvarez, and Rigoberto Álvarez, who are all welterweight boxers. Canelo is married to Fernanda Gómez. He has four children. Canelo is Catholic.

His mother’s surname Barragán is of Spanish origin.

His parents and siblings can be seen here.

There is some internet speculation that Canelo has Irish heritage, but this does not appear to be accurate.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Jamesson says:

    He may be of Irish descent. I mean one of his surnames “Barragan” has an Irish vibe to it.

  2. anen87 says:

    Lol Ireland is not the only country with red hair. Spain have red heads too! Prepare to have your ignorant minds blown. The following are Red headed Spaniards…
    Youtuber/singer Currice
    Youtuber JPelirrojo
    Basketball player Victor Claver Arocas

  3. Pegzi says:

    I wonder if he’s mestizo

  4. alberto.r7 says:

    “CORRECTION” He is obviously Spanish-Mexican. Mexican is not an ethnicity, he is white and he has two Spanish surnames so he has Spanish ancestors. Maybe he could have a little amerindian blood or some other european blood but there arent evidences of it and would be insignificant (less than 10%)
    He is here with his six brothers (you could find people with their features in any Spanish place):

  5. nancy says:

    He’s really hot Mexican red headed guy ;-)

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