Bruce Rauner

Rauner in 2016, 182nd Airlift Wing from USA

Birth Name: Bruce Vincent Rauner

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 18, 1956

*father – German, English, distant Swiss-German and Scottish
*mother – Swedish

Bruce Rauner is an American businessperson, philanthropist, and politician. A Republican, he served as Governor of Illinois, from January 12, 2015 to January 14, 2019.

Bruce is the son of Ann and Vincent Rauner. He has stated:

I’m the oldest of four kids. Half-Swedish, Half-German. German Catholic, Swedish Lutheran. My parents argued about it, I was raised Episcopalian.

While Bruce’s mother is indeed of entirely Swedish descent, Bruce’s father has German and English ancestry, with distant Swiss-German and Scottish, roots. Bruce’s paternal grandfather was of entirely German descent, while Bruce’s paternal grandmother had English, some German, and distant Swiss-German and Scottish, ancestry.

Bruce is married to Diana Mendley. He has three children with his former wife Elizabeth Wessel; and three children with Diana.

Bruce’s paternal grandfather was Franklin Joseph Rauner (the son of Vincent Rauner and Mary Ann Illg). Franklin was born in Michigan. Vincent was the son of ethnic German parents, Mathias Rauner and Anna Ebert/Eberl. Mathias was born in Plzeň, Czech Republic. Mary Ann was the daughter of John Leo Illig, who had German ancestry, and of Magdalene Smith, whose parents were ethnic Germans, from Alsace-Lorraine in France.

Bruce’s paternal grandmother was Kathryne Merriman (the daughter of Harry J. Merriman and Nora M. Spaulding). Kathryne was born in Michigan. Harry was the son of George W. Merriman and Jennie Sherman. Nora was the daughter of Charles A. Spaulding, whose mother had German ancestry, and of Catherine/Katherine J. Putney.

Bruce’s maternal grandfather was named Clarence L. Erickson. Clarence was born in Wisconsin, to Swedish parents.

Bruce’s maternal grandmother was Viola B. Wedin (the daughter of David Wedin and Selma J. Wahlsten). Viola was born in Wisconsin. David was Swedish. Selma was born in Lake Town, Wisconsin, to Swedish parents.

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