Bruce Golding

Birth Name: Orette Bruce Golding

Place of Birth: Chapelton, Jamaica

Date of Birth: December 5, 1947

Ethnicity: African-Jamaican, small amount of English

Bruce Golding is a Jamaican politician. He has served as Prime Minister of Jamaica, from 11 September, 2007 to 23 October, 2011. He has also been Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, from 21 January, 2005 to 20 November, 2011, and Leader of the Opposition, from 21 January, 2005 to 11 September, 2007.

Bruce is the son of Enid Louise (Bent) and Tacius Nathaniel Golding/Watts, both teachers. He is married to Lorna Golding, with whom he has three children. Lorna is the sister of politician Pearnel Charles.

Bruce’s paternal grandfather was named Charles Richard Golding (the son of John Golding).

Bruce’s paternal grandmother was Elsey/Elsie Hannah/Anna Watts (the daughter of Robert Henry Watts and Frances Golding). Elsey was born in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica.

Bruce’s maternal grandfather was David Nathaniel Bent (the son of Ralph Gale Bent and Margaret Rachel Smith). Ralph was the son of Lot Abel Bent and Jane Stephenson.

Bruce’s maternal grandmother was named Julia Princinella Cellestina Wright (the daughter of Edward Wright). Julia was born in Newell, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica.

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