Brigitte Bardot

Bardot in 1962, MGM

Birth Name: Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: September 28, 1934

Ethnicity: French, as well as distant German

Brigitte Bardot is a French singer, dancer, fashion model, actress, and animal rights activist.

Brigitte is the daughter of Anne-Marie and Louis Bardot. She is married to Bernard d’Ormale. Brigitte has a son with her former husband, actor Jacques Charrier.

Brigitte’s paternal grandfather was Charles Bardot (the son of Auguste Bardot and Marie Clothilde Willemart). Charles was born in Lorraine. Auguste was the son of Nicholas Bardot and Marie Thérèse Brichard. Brigitte’s great-grandmother Marie Clothilde was the daughter of Edmé Jean Willemart and Marie-Jeanne Adélaïde Grosjean.

Brigitte’s paternal grandmother was Jeanne Hyacinthe Marie Claveau (the daughter of Oscar Antoine Claveau and Marie Hullin de Boischevalier). Jeanne was born in Paris, Seine, France. Oscar was the son of Antoine Edmond Claveau and Zoé Ancelin. Brigitte’s great-grandmother Marie Hullin was the daughter of Hyacinthe Ambroise de Boischevalier and Anne Clémentine Mertian/Meritan.

Brigitte’s maternal grandfather was Isidore Mucel (the son of Louis Mucel and Celine Chizat).

Brigitte’s maternal grandmother was Jeanne Grandval (the daughter of Hubert Grandval and Anne Marie Develey).

Source: Genealogy of Brigitte Bardot (focusing on her father’s side) –


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