Aoife Hinds

Birth Name: Aoife Josee Patarot-Hinds

Place of Birth: Lambeth, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: c. November 1991

*father – Irish
*mother – French-Vietnamese

Aoife Hinds is a British-born actress.

She is the daughter of actress and designer Hélène Patarot and actor Ciarán Hinds. Her father is Northern Irish. Her mother was born in Haiphong, Vietnam, and raised in France. She is described as “Vietnamese-French.”

Aoife’s paternal grandfather was named Gerry Hinds.

Aoife’s paternal grandmother was named Moya Gibson.

Aoife’s maternal grandfather’s surname was Patarot.


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  1. madman says:
    The description to this film seems to imply that her mother’s father is French, doesn’t it? Would make sense since her mother has a French and not a Vietnamese surname.
    “Her mum Helene Patarot is also an actress of French-Vietnamese descent.”
    “I am who I am and I’m made up of my mother who is Vietnamese/ French.”

    Here, French could just imply nationality though.

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