Annika Noelle

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Birth Name: Annika Noelle Kucheman

Place of Birth: Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: c. 1987

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish, Northern Irish/Scots-Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Swiss-German

Annika Noelle is an American actress.

Annika’s paternal grandfather was Henry Bernard Kucheman (the son of Henry Bernard Kucheman and Catherine Quensen/Quenson/Guison). Annika’s grandfather Henry was born in Kentucky. Annika’s great-grandfather Henry was the son of Heinrich “Henry” Kuchemann, who was German, and of Helena Thomas, whose parents were German. Catherine was born in Maryland, the daughter of Frederick Albert Otto Quensen, who was German, and of Maria Anna Wilhelmina “Minna/Mary” Pensel, whose parents were also German.

Annika’s paternal grandmother was Helen Frances Hall (the daughter of William Truby Hall and Catharine Augusta “Kate” Buchanan). Frances was born in Kentucky. William was born in Virginia, the son of Francis K. Hall and Laura Gay Gullion. Catharine was born in Virginia, the daughter of John Edward Buchanan and Anne Thompson.

Annika’s maternal grandfather was Edward Ward Groome (the son of Edward Groome and Dorothy Elizabeth Redmond). Annika’s grandfather Edward was born in Washington, D.C. Annika’s great-grandfather Edward was born in North Carolina, the son of Henry Thomas Groome/Grooms and Mary Alma Newton. Dorothy was born in South Carolina, the daughter of James F. Redmond and Elizabeth J. Tucker.

Annika’s maternal grandmother was Myla Adelle Storey (the daughter of Ralph George Storey and Ruth Mary Petreman). Myla was born in Illinois. Ralph was born in Illinois, the son of William M. Storey, who was English, and of Agnes A. Anderson. Ruth was born in Minnesota, the daughter of William H. Petreman, whose parents were from Switzerland, and of Christina Rissi, who was born in Switzerland, and likely was Swiss-German.

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