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Birth Name: Andrés Arturo García Menéndez

Place of Birth: Havana, Cuba

Date of Birth: April 12, 1956

Ethnicity: Cuban [Spanish, possibly other]

Andy García is an American actor and director. He has starred in the films Internal Affairs, The Godfather Part III, When a Man Loves a Woman, and the Ocean’s Eleven series, among many others.

He was born in Havana, Cuba, to Amelie Menéndez and René García Núñez. To escape the Castro regime, his family moved to Miami, Florida, when he was five years old. In the U.S., his family built a profitable perfume company. Andy was raised a Catholic.

He is married to Maria Victoria “Marivi” Lorido, with whom he has four children, including actresses Dominik García-Lorido and Daniella García.

Andy’s paternal grandfather was named Antonio García.

Andy’s paternal grandmother was named Christina Núñez.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. roman2886 says:

    There is no infomation about his Spanish side at all, I wonder where in Spain his ancestors came from.

    • andrew says:

      Likely from Asturias (Menéndez) and possibly Galicia (Núñez). García is common everywhere.

      • roman2886 says:

        he could Spanish ancestry from anywhere in Spain Extremadura Castile and León, and Andalusia, But i guess we will never know unless he takes a dna test on ancestry it would be good to see where in spain his ancestors came from.

        • NOTREALLY says:

          Do DNA tests even specify on the region in Iberia? I’ve always seen them labell it as Iberian -Spanish & Portuguese, unless he has any Basque which indeed is listed separately

        • andrew says:


          DNA tests are not the Oracle of Delphi.

          Menéndez is 100% Asturian surname and Núñez is very common in Galicia but also in other parts of Spain as well, so nothing definitive about it.

  2. gndg says:

    100% cuban not spaniard

    • thomas1987 says:

      Cuban isn’t a race, its a nationally.
      its like a African American saying I’m not black, I’m American.
      his ethnicity – Spainard
      his Nationally – cuban
      his race – white

  3. Rossa Prendergast says:

    100% Iberian (Spaniard) but Cuban born, Cuban culturally.

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