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Birth Name: Chloe Wang

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 18, 1992

*father – Chinese
*mother – English, Scottish, Irish, Swiss-German, German

Chloe Bennet is an American actress and singer.

Her father is of Chinese descent. Her mother has English, Scottish, Irish, Swiss-German, and German, ancestry. At age fifteen, Chloe moved to China, where she was a singer under her birth name of Chloe Wang. She studied Mandarin while living in Beijing and Shanghai.

Some web sites have stated that Chloe’s mother is Jewish. This is not correct. Chloe’s mother was raised in a devout Christian household by missionary parents, and is not of Jewish heritage.

Chloe’s maternal grandfather is The Rev. Donald Wayne Crane (the son of The Rev. Clifford Cecil Crane and Emilie/Euilie Louise Barrett). The Rev. Clifford was the son of Edward Eggleston Crane and Florence Eliza McDermott. Emilie was the daughter of Henry B. Barrett and Martha Gaddy.

Chloe’s maternal grandmother is Beatrice Pendleton (the daughter of Kyle Montague Pendleton and Vera Cecillia Dingus). Beatrice was born in Kentucky. Kyle was the son of George Hiram Pendleton and Alice Serena Eads. Vera was the daughter of David Crockett Dingus and Bathsheba Webb.

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  1. Pegzi says:

    She looks like Aubrey Plaza

  2. ashash says:

    She looks Eurasian like Devon Aoki, Kristin Kreuk, Shay Mitchell, Olivia Munn, etc.

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