Lexi Ainsworth

Ainsworth in 2017, photo by Joe Seer/www.bigstockphoto.com/

Birth Name: Alexandra Danielle Ainsworth

Place of Birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 28, 1992

Ethnicity: English, Welsh, Scottish, German, Irish, Swiss-German, French, Cherokee Native American

Lexi Ainsworth is an American actress.

Lexi has stated that she has “Native American ancestry along with French, Scottish & English.”

According to some trees, one of Lexi’s paternal ancestors is James William David Trader McDaniel, who was born, c. 1716, in Scotland, and his wife, Su Gi Sookie Sally Granny Grasshopper Moytoy, who was born, c. 1729, in Tennessee, and who is said to have been entirely of Cherokee ancestry. Among Lexi’s maternal ancestors is John L. Woody, who was born in Tennessee, c. 1802, and who is said to have been the son of Cherokee Native American parents, John L. Woody, or IV Sub-Chief Catawa Council Cherokee Catawa, and Mary Cherokee or Catawa.

Lexi’s paternal grandfather was Raymond E. Ainsworth (the son of Robert Bruce Ainsworth and Annie Lareda Rae Lewis). Raymond was born in Texas. Robert was born in Texas. Annie was born in Texas, the daughter of John Ezra Lewis and Della D. Franks.

Lexi’s paternal grandmother was Dona Lee Walters (the daughter of Bailey/Baley Reed Walters and Dorothy/Darthy Mae/May Hughes). Dona was born in Oklahoma. Bailey was born in Oklahoma, the son of Heber Grant Walters and Ruthie Pearl Morris. Dorothy was born in Oklahoma, the daughter of Griffith Hughes, who was Welsh, and of Mary Elizabeth DeBord.

Lexi’s maternal grandfather is Bert Edward Galloway (the son of Samuel Adams “Sam” Galloway and Helen L. Plum). Bert was born in Oklahoma. Samuel was born in Missouri, the son of Daniel E. Galloway and Ida. Helen was born in Iowa, the daughter of John Albert Plum and Nora Stewart.

Lexi’s maternal grandmother is named Lorraine Stewart.

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