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Birth Name: Amanda Michael Plummer

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 23, 1957

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Northern Irish, as well as 1/128th Swiss-French, 1/128th French-Canadian

Amanda Plummer is an American and Canadian actress. She is the daughter of Canadian actor Christopher Plummer (Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer) and American actress Tammy Grimes (Tammy Lee Grimes).

Her middle name, Michael, is after her godmother, actress Michael Learned.

Amanda’s paternal grandfather was John Orme Plummer (the son of Frank Plummer and Frances Fetherstonhaugh). Amanda’s grandfather John was born in the U.S., to Canadian parents. Frank was born in Algoma, Ontario, Canada, the son of Thomas Ralph Plummer, who was born in Peel, Ontario, Canada, and of Jane Stewart, who was born in Limerick, Ireland. Frances was born in Bruce, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Irish-born parents, Francis Fetherstonhaugh/Fetherston and Frances Swift. Amanda’s grandmother Frances was the sister of F. B. Fetherstonhaugh (Frederick Barnard Fetherstonhaugh), a patent lawyer and agent who founded the patent agency Fetherstonhaugh & Co.

Amanda’s paternal grandmother was Isabella Mary Abbott (the daughter of Arthur Edward Abbott and Marianne/Mary Ann Jane Jane Campbell). Isabella was born in Québec, and was an artist and watercolourist. Arthur was the son of John Abbott (John Joseph Caldwell Abbott), the 3rd Prime Minister of Canada, from 1891 to 1892, and of Marianne/Mary Ann Jane Jane Campbell. Marianne was Scottish, born in Midlothian, the daughter of Alexander James Campbell and Isabella Janet Christian Stewart.

Amanda’s maternal grandfather was Luther Nichols Grimes (the son of Loring Grimes and Eva May Nichols). Luther was born in Massachusetts. Loring was the son of Luther Bingham Grimes and Marie Louisa Norwood. Eva was the daughter of Wesley D. Nichols and Angie W. Cammett.

Amanda’s maternal grandmother was Eola Willard Niles (the daughter of Guy Doncaster Niles and Vera Howard). Eola was born in Massachusetts. Guy was the son of James Philander/Philon Niles and Katherine/Catherine Frances Doncaster. Vera was the daughter of Charles Howard and Mary Willard.

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