Alexander Aris

Birth Name: Alexander John C. Aris Myint San Aung

Place of Birth: Kensington, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 12 April, 1973

*50% Burmese
*28.125% English
*18.75% French-Canadian
*3.125% Scottish

Alexander Aris is an English civil rights activist. He is the son of politician Aung San Suu Kyi and historian Michael Aris.

Alexander’s paternal grandfather was John Arundel Aris (the son of Herbert Aris and Sydney Dorothy Arundel). John was born in Winchester, Hampshire, England, and was an English officer, with the British Council. Herbert was the son of John Aris and Elizabeth Whitton. Sydney was the daughter of John Thomas Arundel and Eliza Eleanor “Lillie” Whibley.

Alexander’s paternal grandmother was Josette Marie-Émilie de Guise Vaillancourt (the daughter of Émile Vaillancourt and Blanche Jeannotte). Josette was French-Canadian, and was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Émile was the son of Janvier-Arthur Vaillancourt and Marie-Émilie de Guise. Blanche was the daughter of Herménégilde Jeannotte and Emily Victoria Marie Clerk. Emily’s paternal grandfather, Sir George Clerk, 6th Baronet, was Scottish. Emily’s paternal grandmother, Maria Anne Law, was English.

Alexander’s maternal grandfather was Aung San, a politician and revolutionary (born Htein Lin, the son of U Phar and Daw Suu). Aung was born in Natmauk, Magwe, British Burma. He was Premier of British Crown Colony of Burma, from 26 September, 1946 to 19 July, 1947, as well as General Secretary of Communist Party of Burma, from 15 August, 1939 to 1940, Minister of War in the State of Burma and Deputy Prime Minister, from 1 August, 1943 to 27 March, 1945, and President of the Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League, from 27 March, 1945 to 19 July, 1947. U and Daw are titles, meaning “uncle” and “aunt,” respectively.

Alexander’s maternal grandmother was Khin Kyi (the daughter of Pho Hnyin and Phwa Su). Khin was a politician and diplomat.

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