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Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Poker Tournament - September 8, 2007

Homme in 2007, photo by Pprhotos

Birth Name: Joshua Michael Homme

Place of Birth: Riverside, California, United States

Date of Birth: May 17, 1973

Ethnicity: Norwegian (one quarter), English, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, one eighth Swedish, French/French-Canadian, Irish, Welsh

Josh Homme is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor. He is the founder of, and primary songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for, rock band Queens of the Stone Age/QOTSA. He is also a co-founder of California-based rock band Eagles of Death Metal, with Jesse Hughes. He is also known as Baby Duck, Carlo Von Sexron, J.Ho, Töôrnst Hülpft, and Ginger Elvis.

Josh was raised in Palm Desert, California. He is married to Australian singer and musician Brody Dalle, with whom he has three children.

Josh’s paternal grandfather was Orrin Rheinhold Homme (the son of Herbert Gerhard Homme and Anna Georgina Stokke). Orrin was born in North Dakota. Herbert was the son of Norwegian immigrant Amund Hansen Stubberud, later Homme, of Sør-Fron, and of Gjertine “Gertrude” Gundersdatter Pimertad, whose parents were also Norwegian. Anna was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants, John Hansen Saxhaug, later Stokke, of Inderøy, and Randi Jørgensdatter Præstløkken, of Oppdal.

Josh’s paternal grandmother was Camille Ann Wachter (the daughter of Paul August Wachter and Edna Katherine Anderson). Camille was born in North Dakota. Paul was the son of German immigrant Gottlieb Charles Wachter, of Bernstein, and of Annie Clotier. Annie was of three quarters French-Canadian, and one quarter French, descent. Edna was the daughter of Swedish immigrants, Henry Andersson, later Anderson, and Anna Steinholm.

Josh’s maternal grandfather was Bruce Adelbert Johnston (the son of Guerdan Hastie Johnston and Jeanette Collins). Bruce was born in Weld, Colorado. Guerdan was born in Iowa, the son of Alexander H. Jonston, whose parents were from Auchinleck, Ayrshire, Scotland, and of Catherine Mabel “Katie” Hastie, whose father was also Scottish, from Lanark. Jeanette was born in Ohio, the daughter of John Parker Hale Collins and Armanta McClaren.

Josh’s maternal grandmother was Mary Ida Hedrick/Hedricks (the daughter of Clarence Edson Hedrick and Mary Ida “Mamie” Mosteller/Mostellar). Josh’s grandmother Mary was born in California. She later re-married to Frank Eising Meier, and Josh’s mother was raised under his name. Clarence was born in Kansas, the son of William Henry Hedrick and Martha Luetta “Mattie” Patterson. Josh’s great-grandmother Mary was born in Michigan, the daughter of William Henry Mosteller, whose parents were of German origin, and of Mary Ida Coleman, whose mother was from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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  1. drzaius21 says:

    I’m more than 100% certain that Frank Eising Meier (Josh’s maternal grandfather) isn’t his biological grandfather. I think Josh’s grandmother gave her children the stepfather’s last name as they were married while they were growing up. The evidence is if you look at the 1950 census (link below), Bruce Johnston is the father of Josh’s mother, Irene (the year she was born) and it makes sense as Bruce Johnston and Mary Ida were still together.

    While Frank Eising Meier was still in his previous relationship with his partner and daughter in the 1950 census (link below).

    Also, additional evidence is found on Frank Eising Meier’s account (link below), where you can see under the Immediate Family section that it details someone (first name undisclosed) married name: Homme and maiden name: Johnston as his stepdaughter. This indicates Josh’s mom isn’t Frank’s daughter.

    The correct family tree on his maternal side can now be seen in the link below. The maternal grandfather side mainly consists of Scottish, Scots-Irish and some English, I remember correctly, but you guys can check it out.

  2. pookerella says:

    Great guitar player. Tall and gorgeous. But his wife’s name is Brody Dalle not “Dale.”

  3. guyinsf says:

    4.6875% French-Canadian and 1.5625% French
    Are they sure it’s not 4.6876%?

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