Alan Dershowitz

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Dershowitz in 2010, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Alan Morton Dershowitz

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 1, 1938

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Alan Dershowitz is an American lawyer, jurist, author, and political commentator. He is the son of Clair/Claire and Harry Dershowitz. He is of Polish Jewish descent.

Alan is married to Carolyn Cohen. He has two children with his former wife Sue Barlach; and a daughter with Carolyn.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2014) stated that Alan’s genetic ancestry is:

*98.5% Ashkenazi [Jewish]
*0.9% Nonspecific European
*0.4% Southern European
*0.1% Balkan
*0.1% East Asian
*<0.1% Central and South African

Genetically, he was found to have a common ancestor with actress Jessica Alba.

Alan’s paternal grandfather was Yekusiel Yehuda “Louis Alexander” Dershowitz (the son of Zachariah Derschowitz and Lena Bender). Zachariah was born in Pilzno, Poland, the son of Yechezkel Deresiewicz/Derschowitz and Chana Rivka Abraham. Lena was the daughter of Yekusiel Yehuda Leib Bender and Chaya Shaindel Batist.

Alan’s paternal grandmother was Eidel “Ida” Maultasch (the daughter of Alter Yitschok Maultasch and Rochma Bleema Steinhardt). Rochma was the daughter of Aaron Menashe Steinhardt and Rechel Eidel Schwartz.

Alan’s maternal grandfather was named Naftali Ringel. Naftali was born in Przemyśl, Poland.

Alan’s maternal grandmother was named Blima Newman. Blima was born in Cieszanów, Poland.

Source: Genealogy of Alan Dershowitz –

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