Adriana Lima

Lima in 2010, Anton Oparin /

Place of Birth: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Date of Birth: 12 June, 1981

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese, some Indigenous, Swiss, African, and Japanese]

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and actress.

She stated on Fashion television that she is of Swiss, African, and Native American heritage. She has also said:

I’m [an] Afro-Brazilian… and my family [is also] mixed with Japanese, Black… and West Indian.

Her surname, Lima, is Portuguese. Brazil has a large Japanese community that has been established there since the early 1900s.

Some sites say that Adriana also has French ancestry.

A picture of Adriana’s father, Nelson Torres, can be seen here. A picture of Adriana’s mother can be seen here.

Adriana has two children with her former husband, Serbian professional basketball player Marko Jarić.

Adriana’s maternal grandfather was named Bertoldo Fontes Lima.

One of Adriana’s grandmothers is named Julia.

A DNA test that Adriana appeared to post on her Instagram stated that her genetic ancestry includes:

*56.1% Southern European
——–*30.6% Spanish & Portuguese
——–*24.8% Broadly Southern European
——–*0.6% Italian
——–*0.1% Greek & Balkan
*4.0% Northwestern European
——–*2.2% Broadly Northwestern European
——–*1.8% British & Irish
*2.9% Broadly European
*0.5% Ashkenazi Jewish



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  1. jonasbttencourt says:

    Think it makes sense she’s over a quarter Iberian (probably mostly portuguese), given her general facial features and bone structure, also don’t think she’s really has a lot of black ancestry(must be at best around 12-15%, highly likely her main background is portuguese+native, at least by looking at her and family.

    • alexgxo says:

      I also think that she might have more Amerindian ancestry than African. As for her European ancestry, its no surprise that shes almost entirely Iberian/Southern European. I wonder why she’s claiming Swiss origins, unless its very distant. She also says she’s part Japanese.

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        so there is not proof or evidence at all that she has japonese or swiss origins? not surprising really, a lot of models claim absurd ethnic backgrounds to appear more ”exotic” lol…

        • alexgxo says:

          Yeah, the only proof of the Swiss or Japanese origins are from Lima herself. She did not show the entire DNA test results, only the European component, which was almost all Iberian/Southern European.

          And yes, a lot of people in the fashion or entertainment industry claim a lot of different ethnic backgrounds, either because they’re unaware of their family history or want to appear more “exotic”. Quite a few entire here show that research contradicts the claims of many different celebrities.

    • izzybizzy says:

      She has really curly hair in her older pictures. Facial features mean nothing. Most Ethiopian,Eritrean
      and Somali people have smaller noses than Europeans. Why are you all over this site claiming anyone with mixed black ancestry has no black in them because they don’t look black to you?

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        Honestly dude, if you wanna call her black, or half black, or part black, feel free, i don’t care. I don’t think she cares either. You can call Johnny Depp or Jeremy Renner black if you want to,after all they also have some black ancestry somewhere down the line… As a brazillian who have seen MANY white,black and mixed-race people in my whole life, i don’t seen the “blackness” in her features. I saw pictures of her relatives, some look a lot darker than her, but overall, given her looks, general apperience of her close relatives, and documented heritage, i think it’s pretty safe to say that she is mostly white with some considerable amount of indigenous ancestry too, and it shows on her looks. And about the hair, from the pictures a saw, her hair was indeed quite curly, but there’s no way to know exatly what texture it is, keep in mind the pictures are old and her family was not rich by any means, so a “messy” type of hair is to be expected, since it was probably poorly treated. And about the “Why are you all over this site claiming anyone with mixed black ancestry has no black in them because they don’t look black to you?” part… Seriusly? Did you really had to make such a wild generalization just to make your weak point? Discussions on how much black ancestry this or that celeb has is really not the center of my comments on this site at all LOL… cope harder

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