Adriana Lima

Lima in 2010, Anton Oparin /

Place of Birth: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Date of Birth: 12 June, 1981

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese, Indigenous, Swiss, African, Japanese]

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and actress.

She stated on Fashion television that she is of Swiss, African, and Native American heritage. She has also said:

I’m [an] Afro-Brazilian… and my family [is also] mixed with Japanese, Black… and West Indian.

Her surname, Lima, is Portuguese. Brazil has a large Japanese community that has been established there since the early 1900s.

Some sites say that Adriana also has French ancestry.

A picture of Adriana’s father, Nelson Torres, can be seen here. A picture of Adriana’s mother can be seen here.

Adriana has two children with her former husband, Serbian professional basketball player Marko Jarić.

Adriana’s maternal grandfather was named Bertoldo Fontes Lima.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. passingtime85 says:

    @Oaken05 True.

  2. izzybizzy says:

    I wonder why she straightens her hair but calls herself an Afro Brazilian? She looked more exotic with curly hair it sets her apart from the stereotypical “European/white features”

    • G177S says:

      Curly hair is not exclusively an “Afro-Hair” type. There are millions of White people who have curly and wavy hair.

      When you say “stereotypical European/White features” you are merely generalizing all Europeans as a whole, which doesn’t make any sense.

      Most races around the planet have the same hair exact hair texture, except for black people – as they are the only race to have that “kinky” hair texture.

      All exotic means is foreign, or standing out from the rest. So If you were to combine every race on the planet together, you would see more people of color on the planet than White people. Which also means Europeans would look more exotic in general, as they are the true minority of this world.

      • passingtime85 says:

        But he literally said stereotypical. The stereotype of European features is less melanin, or lighter/paler skin, and hair that is straight-wavy and finer than say the majority of East Asian hair, but probably not as frequently straight.

        There’s people from all around Europe that don’t fit that description, but that’s because they’re not stereotypical. Stereotype is a synonym of generalization. It just seemed odd you picked that part of izzybizzy’s statement as a focal point.

      • Oaken05 says:

        There are many Southeast Asian and Melanesian peoples who have fairly similar hair to sub-Saharan Africans, and who are not particularly closely genetically linked with modern sub-Saharan African populations.

  3. TB says:

    She surely is a Pardo or mix-race women. But I doubt she has Japanese heritage. Her ancestry is mostly European, but with significant African admixture and minor Indigenous ancestry. Most Japanese Brazilians live in Sao Paulo and not Bahia which is where Adriana is from. Bahia has the most Afro-Brazilians and overall people of African ancestry.

    • Arif says:

      @TB I mean, she told that by herself, and you’re denying that! You know her better than herself? Seriously?

      • TB says:

        Ok just because that’s what she claims her heriatge to be,doesn’t mean it’s True. Many celebrities and people in general lie about their ethnicity to sound more exotic .She already has an exotic look though. This cite undercovers celebs who lie about their ethnicity when having the proof about their actual heritage. An example is Meagan Good who claims to be Jewish, Puerto Rican, Cherokee Indian, and Barbadian. But they found proof that’s she’s only African American. They’ll say that it appears to be false when giving the right info about they’re ethnicity.

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