Vicente Fox

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Birth Name: Vicente Fox Quesada

Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: July 2, 1942

*25% Spanish
*25% Basque
*25% German
*12.5% French
*12.5% Mexican [Spanish, Indigenous]

Vicente Fox is a Mexican businessperson and politician. He served as President of Mexico, from 1 December, 2000 to 30 November, 2006, under the National Action Party (PAN). He was previously Governor of Guanajuato, from 25 September, 1995 to 25 September, 1999, and has served as Co–President of Centrist Democrat International, since 2006.

President Fox is the son of José Luis Fox Pont and Mercedes Quesada Echaide. José was of one half German, one quarter French, and one quarter Mexican (Spanish and Indigenous), descent. Mercedes was born in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Spain, of Spanish and Basque descent. President Fox is married to Marta Sahagún de Fox. He has four children with his former wife, Lilian de la Concha.

President Fox’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Louis Fox (the son of Louis Michel Fuchs and Catherina Elisabetha Flach). Joseph was an American from Cincinnati, Ohio. President Fox’s great-grandfather Louis was the son of German immigrants, Louis Michel Fuchs and Caroline Elisabeth Fuchs. Catherina was also the daughter of German immigrants, Carl Joseph Flach and Francisca Engel.

President Fox’s paternal grandmother was María Elena Pont Zamora (the daughter of Pierre Pont, also known as Pedro Pont Bennes, and of Librada Zamora Becerra). Pierre was born in Rivel, Aude department, France, the son of Jean-Pierre Pont and Elisabet Bennes. Librada Zamora was Mexican, and was the daughter of José Trinidad Zamora Reyna and Micaela Becerra Candelas.

President Fox’s maternal grandfather was Vicente Quesada González (the son of Antonio Quesada González and Constancia González Álvarez). Antonio’s parents’ surnames were Quesada and González. Constancia’s parents’ surnames were González and Álvarez.

President Fox’s maternal grandmother was Catalina Echaide Eguiguren (the daughter of Ambrosio Echaide García and Juana Bautista Eguiguren Ugarte). Ambrosio was the son of Faustino Echaide Monreal and Ramona Gregoria García Baigorri. Juana was the daughter of José Agustín Eguiguren Emparan and María Josefa Ugarte Odriozola.

Source: Genealogy of Vicente Fox –

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  1. madman says:

    Vicente’s maternal grandfather’s family names point towards Spanish ancestry, while his maternal grandmother’s family names are mostly Basque. So I would change to:
    *25% Spanish
    *25% Basque

  2. Manila says:

    Vicente’s Mexican ancestry includes Indigenous and Spanish. I don’t see his African ancestry so far.

  3. Manila says:

    José Trinidad Zamora and Micaela Becerra -> José Trinidad Zamora Reyna and Micaela Becerra Candelas

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