Alex Aiono

by Manila on May 15, 2017

Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 16, 1996

*Samoan (paternal grandfather)
*Māori (paternal grandmother)
*Danish, English, German, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, Swiss-German, Welsh (mother)

Alex Aiono is an American singer and songwriter.

Alex’s father, Martin Harris Aiono, is a New Zealand immigrant, and is of half Māori and half Samoan descent. Alex’s mother, Heather Lynne (Lee), is American, from Los Angeles, California.

Alex’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his tenth great-grandfather, Soisoinailua’ai Leaupepe.

Alex’s paternal grandfather was Ominae Luluali’i Aiono (the son of Luluali’i Aiono and Misimua Ulugaono). Ominae was Samoan, from Fasito’o Uta, Upolu. Alex’s great-grandfather Luluali’i was the son of Muliaina Tua’ifaiva Aiono and La’Amauga Laumea. Misimua was the daughter of Ta’avili Ulugaono and Ana Lutu Molio’o.

Alex’s paternal grandmother was Eileen Te Ataakura Te Maari (the daughter of Arapata Tokoarangi Te Maari and Mereana Korau). Eileen was Māori, from Whanganui. Arapata was the son of Tokoarangi Te Maari and Meremionga Hiroti. Mereana was the daughter of Mae Korau and Hinewahirangi Paea.

Alex’s paternal grandfather is Jerald Keith “Jerry” Lee (the son of Raymond Amos Lee and Lenore Pauline Baumgardner). Raymond was the son of James Porter Lee and Pearl Ruby Sperry. Lenore was the daughter of Earl Sebastian Samuel Baumgardner and Elfreida Grimm.

Alex’s maternal grandmother is Barbara Clarene Taylor (the daughter of Seymour Stillman Taylor and Margaret Belle Quinn). Seymour was the son of George Francis Taylor and Barbara Matilda Stillman. Margaret was the daughter of John Alfred Quinn and Clarene Turner.

Alex’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his ninth great-grandmother, Barbara, of Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark.

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Kevin Greutert

by stlucas on May 13, 2017

Birth Name: Kevin Henry Greutert

Place of Birth: Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 31, 1965

Ethnicity: Swiss-German, German, Irish, English

Kevin Greutert is an American film director, film editor and writer.

Kevin is the son of Patricia Anne (Kearney) and Raymond Henry Greutert.

Kevin’s paternal grandparents were Henry Greutert, Jr. (the son of Henry Greutert, Sr. and Mary) and Dorothy Tesks/Leske. Kevin’s grandfather Henry was born in California, to a father from Switzerland and a mother from Ireland.

Kevin’s maternal grandparents were Edward C. Kearney (the son of Robert Emmett Kearney and Anna Elizabeth Conklin) and Margaret Brown. Robert was born in Michigan, the son of John Michael Kearney and Margaret Gilson. Anna was also born in Michigan, to Irish parents.

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Natalia Livingston

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Birth Name: Natalia M. Livingston

Place of Birth: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 26, 1976

*German, English, Irish, some French (father)
*Mexican (maternal grandfather)
*Ashkenazi Jewish, Mexican, possibly Swiss-German and German (maternal grandmother)

Natalia Livingston is an American actress.

Natalia is the daughter of Martha (Echavarria) and James A. Livingston. She has a brother, James. They were raised in Macon, Georgia.

Natalia’s father is American, and has German, English, Irish, and some French, ancestry. Natalia’s mother was born in Mexico, and has Mexican, some Ashkenazi Jewish, and possibly more distant Swiss-German and German, ancestry. Natalia speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Natalia’s paternal grandfather was Wilbur Merle Livingston (the son of James Irvin Livingston and Minerva Belle Shaffer). James was the son of Alfred Wissinger Livingston and Mary Jane “Polly” Berkebile. Minerva was the daughter of Isaac D. Shaffer and Susannah Weaver.

Natalia’s paternal grandmother was Fannie Virginia Callihan (the daughter of Charles G. Callihan and Nellie A. McCreary). Charles was the son of John Wesley Callihan and Susanna Gephart. Nellie was the daughter of Albert McCreary and Salome Bence/Bentz.

Natalia’s maternal grandfather was Salvador Echavarria (the son of Rosalío G. Echavarria and María Antonia).

Natalia’s maternal grandmother was Natalia/Natalie Gertrude Levin (the daughter of Henry Levin and Emily Pauline Hausor/Hause). Henry was likely born in Arizona, to a German/Prussian Jewish father, Alexander Levin, and a Mexican mother, Zenora/Zenone Molina. Emily was born in California, to a father from Switzerland and a mother from Germany.

Natalia’s great-great-aunt, Sara Levin, the sister of Natalia’s great-grandfather Henry Levin, was married to Frederick Augustus Ronstadt, who was the grandfather of singer Linda Ronstadt. However, Sara was not Linda’s grandmother.

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Doris Leuthard

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Place of Birth: Merenschwand, Aargau, Switzerland

Date of Birth: 10 April, 1963

Ethnicity: Swiss-German

Doris Leuthard is a Swiss politician and lawyer. She has served as a member of the Swiss Federal Council, since 1 August, 2006, in which she has been the President of Switzerland, since 1 January, 2017, and previously from 1 January, 2010 to 31 December, 2010; as well as the Vice President of Switzerland, from 1 January, 2009 to 31 December, 2009 and from 1 January, 2016 to 1 January, 2017. She has also served as the Head of the Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, since 1 November, 2010. She previously served as the Head of the Department of Economic Affairs, from 1 August, 2006 to 31 October, 2010.

She is the daughter of Ruth (Köchli) and politician Leonz Leuthard. She is married to Roland Hausin.

Source: Obituary of Doris’ father –


Michael Bowen

by stlucas on May 9, 2017

Place of Birth: (possibly) Gladewater, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 21, 1957

*Welsh (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish, Danish, German, Swiss-German (mother)

Michael Bowen is an American actor.

Michael is the son of Sonia Sorel (born Sonia Henius), an actress, and Michael Bowen, a painter and artist. Michael is a half-brother of actor Robert Carradine.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was of half Polish Jewish and half Danish ancestry. Michael’s maternal grandmother was of German and Swiss-German descent.

Michael’s paternal grandparents were Sterling Bowen and Grace. They are said to have Welsh ancestry.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was Henry Robert Gustav Henius (the son of Max Henius and Johanne Louise Heiberg). Max, a prominent biochemist, was a Danish Jew, the son of Polish Jewish immigrants, Isidor Henius and Emilie Wasserzug. Johanne was of Danish background, and was the daughter of Emil Theodor Heiberg and Johanne Henriette Jacoba Schmidt, and the sister of historian/philologist Johan Ludvig Heiberg.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was Lillian Dorothy Fuess (the daughter of Joseph Fuess and Anna Fischer). Joseph was German, from Roentgen, Baden, the son of Joseph Fuess and Margertha Hasselhofer. Anna was born in Illinois, to a German father, Joseph Fischer, and a Swiss-German mother, Elizabeth Eggan.

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