Sorel Carradine

Carradine in 2011, pic by Prphotos

Birth Name: Sorel Johannah Carradine

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 18, 1985

Ethnicity: Polish (maternal grandmother), German, English, 1/16th Ashkenazi Jewish, 1/16th Danish, small amounts of Swiss-German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, and Dutch

Sorel Carradine is an American actress.

She is the daughter of actress Sandra Will Carradine and actor, singer, and songwriter Keith Carradine. She is a half-sister of actress, singer, and model Martha Plimpton, a granddaughter of actors John Carradine and Sonia Sorel, a niece of actors Christopher Carradine and Robert Carradine, a half-niece of actors David Carradine and Michael Bowen, a cousin of actress Ever Carradine, and a half-cousin of actress Kansas Carradine.

Her father has English, Ashkenazi Jewish, Danish, German, Swiss-German, and distant Irish and Dutch, ancestry. Her mother has Polish, as well as German, some Scots-Irish/Northern Irish and English, and distant Swiss-German, ancestry.

Sorel’s paternal grandfather was John Carradine, an actor (born Richmond Reed Carradine, the son of William Reed Carradine and Genevieve Winifred Richmond). John was born in New York, New York, and had English, with distant Irish and Dutch, ancestry. William was the son of The Rev. Beverly Francis Carradine, who was a Methodist religious author, and of Laura Green Reid/Reed. Genevieve was the daughter of Horace Culver Richmond and Winifred/Winifrede “Winnie” Ryan.

Sorel’s paternal grandmother was Sonia Sorel, an actress (the daughter of Henry Robert Gustav Henius and Lillian Dorothy Fuess). Sonia was born in Wisconsin. Henry was the son of Max Henius, a prominent biochemist, who was a Danish Jew, and of Johanne/Johanna Louise “Henne” Heiberg, who was of Danish background. Lillian was the daughter of Joseph Fuess, who was German, from Roentgen, Baden, and of Anna Fischer, who was of German and Swiss-German descent.

Sorel’s maternal grandfather was John Will (the son of John H. Will and Hortense Schrock). Sorel’s grandfather John was born in Indiana, and had German, some Scots-Irish/Northern Irish and English, and distant Swiss-German ancestry. Sorel’s great-grandfather John was the son of Weldon Will and Anna Elizabeth Clugston. Hortense was the daughter of Henry W. Schrock and Carrie J. Wolf.

Sorel’s maternal grandmother was Alice P. Strojek (the daughter of Peter Strojek and Helen Jaworska). Alice was born in Illinois, to Polish parents. Helen was the daughter of Leon Wojciech Jaworski and Władysława Paulina Bojkowska.

The surname Carradine is sometimes said to have an Italian or Spanish origin. Sorel’s last traceable patrilineal ancestor is believed to have been a man named Parker Carradine, who was born in Georgia, in North America, c. 1755. There is no evidence that Parker had Italian or Spanish ancestry.

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