Calum Best

Birth Name: Calum Milan Best

Place of Birth: San Jose, Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 6, 1981

Ethnicity: Northern Irish, English, likely Scottish

Calum Best is an American and British model, actor, and television personality.

Calum is the son of Angie Best (born Angela Janes), a model from England, and George Best, a famous professional footballer, from Belfast, Northern Ireland. His mother’s ancestry also includes Scottish or Northern Irish.

Calum was raised in Los Angeles, though also lives in the U.K.

Calum is a half-cousin of actress Samantha Womack. Calum’s mother and Samantha’s father were half-siblings (through their father, Robert William Brough/Bough Janes).

Calum’s paternal grandparents were Richard/Dickie Best (the son of James Best and Minnie Ayre) and Anne/Annie Withers. Minnie was the daughter of William Hugh Ayre and Jane Steele.

Calum’s maternal grandparents were Robert William Brough/Bough Janes (the son of Mark Janes and Amy Louisa Mabel Meek) and Marion MacDonald.

Source: Genealogy of Calum Best –

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  1. madman says:

    His half cousin is actress Samantha Womack.

  2. andrew says:

    paternal grandparents Dickie Best and Anne Withers

  3. Alice says:

    Also not all of the Protestants that went to Northern Ireland were Scottish. Quite a few of them were English, Welsh and French Huguenots.

  4. Alice says:

    Calum Best is the son of George Best who is from Belfast in Northern Ireland. He would never have called himself Scots-Irish. Scots-Irish was a term used in America for people that went there 300-400 years ago. Even Ian Paisley calls himself Irish. You can’t label the present people in Northern Ireland Scots-Irish. They have been in Northern Ireland for 500 years and many of them would have Irish blood. Gerry Adams is Catholic with a Scottish name and Terrence O’Neill was a Prime Minister of NI and a Protestant with a very Irish name. There are many Catholics with Scottish blood and Protestants with Irish blood. They are part of the UK but still Irish. Protestants if they wanted to differentiate from people in ROI call themselves Ulstermen or Northern Irish but NEVER Scots-Irish.

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