Ward Churchill

Birth Name: Ward LeRoy Churchill

Place of Birth: Urbana, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: 1947

Ethnicity: English, some Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and German, distant Scots-Irish/Northern Irish and Swiss-German

Ward Churchill is an American author, scholar, and political activist. He was a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado Boulder from 1990 to 2007, with his work as a historian focusing mostly on the treatment of political dissenters and Native Americans by the U.S. government.

Ward had long stated that he is a Native American, claiming Muscogee, Creek, and Cherokee ancestry. These statements came into dispute in media coverage in the mid 2000s. No Native American ancestry has been documented on his family tree.

Ward is the son of Maralyn Lucretia and Jack Leroy Churchill. He was raised in Elmwood, Illinois.

Ward’s paternal grandfather was Ward Leroy Churchill (the son of Albert Edwin Churchill and Emma Jane Green). Ward’s grandfather Ward was born in Illinois. Albert was born in Missouri, the son of Daniel Churchill and Caroline Conant. Ethel was the daughter of Caleb J. Green and Sarah Jane/Eliza Young, who were from New York.

Ward’s paternal grandmother was Ethel M. Janes (the daughter of Henry Elmer Janes and Carrie L. Gorsuch). Ethel was born in Illinois. Henry was the son of Joseph Janes and Mary E. Stockton. Carrie was the daughter of Nicholas Gorsuch and Jane McNeeley, who was born in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, to a Scottish father, Andrew McNeeley, and an Irish mother, Sally O’Donald.

Ward’s maternal grandfather was Phillip/Philip Henry Allen (the son of Henry Edward Allen and Eliza Mae/May Glotfelty). Philip was born in Illinois. Henry was the son of Charles H. Allen and Mary Nancy Gilson, who was born in Vermont. Eliza was the daughter of Henry Charles Glotfelty and Elizabeth/Eliza Ellen North.

Ward’s maternal grandmother was Minnie Ida Lee Billington (the daughter of William Perry Billington and Addeen/Addie/Adie Louella Baker). Minnie was born in Illinois. Perry was the son of Lawson Elmer Billington and Frances/Francis E. Smith. Addie was the daughter of Elbert Caswell R. Baker and Elizabeth/Elisibeth/Lizzie A. Kelly/Kelley.

He is a fourth cousin of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, through their great-great-great-grandparents Nicholas Gorsuch and Jane Ensor.

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  1. ethnogenesis says:

    And Ward Churchill has successfully…until he caught, was accepted in the American Indian Movement and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee in OK but as an associate member that included Bill Clinton and George W Bush who they learned weren’t part-Cherokee nor American Indian. His college professor career includes “anticolonialism” which extends into “antiZionism” of Israel and eventually into political extremism: Antisemitism of the Jewish people against Palestinians, esp his “Chickens come home to roost” column after 9-11 said World Trade Center fatalities were “Little Eichmans” named for Adolf Eichmann, the infamous Nazi official. Ward Churchill along with Jamake Highwater and Asa Earl Carter, were among the first pretendians exposed to be complete frauds, esp Jamake was born Jackie Marks, an Eastern European Jew stealing names of a Tohono O’odham writer and a Greek Armenian producer he personally knew, and Asa Earl Carter was a white supremacist, segregationist and far right antisemite would vanished after the Civil Rights Movement to become this “half Cherokee” writer Forrest Carter writing books proven to be inauthentic and stereotypical about the Cherokee people and Native Americans as a whole.

  2. andrew says:

    Also his Glotfelty line traces back to Switzerland

  3. andrew says:

    Neil Gorsuch’s 4th cousin (Nicholas Gorsuch+Jane Ensor)

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