Utkarsh Ambudkar

Utkarsh Ambudkar – TreePeople’s “An Evening Under the Harvest Moon” 2017 Charity Gala – Arrivals – TreePeople, 12601 Mulholland Drive – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos

Birth Name: Utkarsh S. Ambudkar

Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 8, 1983

*Marathi (father)
*Tamil (mother)

Utkarsh Ambudkar is an American actor. He is also known as UTK the INC or UTK.

Utkarsh is the son of Indu and Suresh Ambudkar. Utkarsh’s parents are from India, and were research scientists at the National Institutes of Health. His father was born in Barshi, Maharashtra State, of Marathi background. His mother was born in Madras, Tamil Nadu State, now Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Utkarsh has one child.

Utkarsh has stated:

It’s truly an important part of who I am. I’m Indian. I’m first generation. I was born here, I was brought up by two Indians, I’m Hindu. I didn’t go to church, I didn’t go to synagogue, I went to temple, Hindu temple, where I prayed to my Hindu gods – whether or not I believe in it is another story.

Utkarsh’s paternal grandfather was named Vasant R. Ambudkar.

Utkarsh’s paternal grandmother was named Sonubai S. Jabade.

Utkarsh’s maternal grandfather was named C. G. Bashyam.

Utkarsh’s maternal grandmother was named Sharada.

Sources: http://prabook.com

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  1. suburbanwinemom2020 says:

    change the ethnicity to:
    *Marathi (father)
    *Tamil (mother)

    Ambudkar and Jabade are both Marathi names.

    His mother’s maiden name was her father’s given name Bashyam. Tamil last names/surnames are traditionally patronymic. Plus, they were born in Tamil Nadu.

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