Monica's 30th Birthday Party at Philippe Chow - Arrivals

Trina in 2010, photo by PR Photos

Birth Name: Katrina Laverne Taylor

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 3, 1978

Ethnicity: African-Bahamian/African-American, possibly Dominican Republic

Trina is an American rapper. Her mother is from the Bahamas. Her father is said to be from the Dominican Republic.

Trina’s maternal grandparents likely were John Taylor and Millicent Katrina DeMerritt (the daughter of Yourk R. Demeritt and Nora Bell G. Farrington).

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  1. ihatemostpeople says:

    She looks like Tyra Banks a little. Like she could be Tyra’s ugly sister.

  2. Raychel says:

    Her eyes are brown, those are contacts.

  3. SiddySiddeeb says:

    I thought there was only one race ?the “human race”? Black, Mexican, white, Russian, Japanese etc. I thought that was just the breed”ethnicity” of the human race. Honestly people wake up how the hell can you all not know this? The human has as many breeds as dogs and cats. A Labrador retriever and a German Shepard are both dogs “the same” that’s why they are able to mate and become 2 different breeds”ethnicities”, but a Chinese and a monkey can’t , or a white person and a cat can’t but a Chinese and a white person can. Bottom line we are all the same every ethnic background has beautiful and ugly people light or dark no ones better than anyone. Maybe the Latino person can’t believe the black person is beautiful because they have issues with their looks and depend on the media, light is better dark is evil rule. But how can dark be evil if dark is royal, if dark is the oldest dark should be beautiful because if there were no dark people first you wouldn’t be here. People please educate yourself and stop making yourselves look like idiots it’s not worth anyones time .

  4. prisbey says:

    dominican is not a race

  5. escaleira says:

    I love her curves

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