Topher Grace

Grace in 2011, photo by PR Photos

Birth Name: Christopher John Grace

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 12, 1978

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish (paternal grandmother), English, Irish, possibly other

Topher Grace is an American actor.

Topher is the son of Pat and John Grace. His aunt (father’s sister) is actress Sue Grace/Susan Grace. Topher is married to actress and model Ashley Hinshaw, with whom he has a daughter.

Topher’s paternal grandmother was from a German Jewish family, and Topher’s aunt Susan has acted at the Jewish Women’s Theatre. Topher’s other ancestry is English, Irish, and possibly other.

Topher’s second cousins, twice removed, were Henry W. Bloch and Richard Bloch, the businesspeople and philanthropists who founded tax preparation company H&R Block. Topher’s paternal great-great-great-grandparents, Jonas Wollman and Betty “Bettie” Kohn, were also Henry and Richard’s maternal great-grandparents.

Topher’s paternal grandfather was Walter Kenneth Grace (the son of William G. “Billie” Grace and Winnie Custis Halland/Holland). Walter was born in Oklahoma.

Topher’s paternal grandmother was Muriel Cecile Hess (the daughter of Walter Wollman Hess and Blanche Sonn). Topher’s grandmother Muriel was born in New York, to parents who were both from German Jewish families, also with Czech Jewish roots. Topher’s great-grandfather Walter was born in Kansas, the son of Albert Hess, who was born in Germany, and of Rosa Wollman, who was born in Kansas, to a father from Kepno, Poland, and to a mother from Pilsen, now in Czechoslovakia; the family lived in Leavenworth, Kansas. Topher’s great-grandmother Blanche Sonn was born in New York; Blanche’s father, Henry Sonn, was born in New York, to parents from Germany, and Blanche’s mother, Eva Childs, was born in Ohio, also to German-born parents, from Bavaria, Solomon Childs and Rebecca Rice.

Topher’s great-great-great-aunt was Kate Wollman, who donated the funds to build New York’s Wollman Rink, a public ice rink that opened in 1949. Topher’s great-great-grandmother Rosa was Kate’s sister. Topher’s great-great-great-uncle, William J. Wollman (William Jonas Wollman), operated the W.J. Wollman & Co. stock exchange firm, in Kansas City and New York.

Topher’s maternal grandfather was Walter Joseph McCabe (the son of George P. McCabe and Mary Mitchell). Walter was born in New York, and was of at least part Irish descent. George was the son of Christopher McCabe and Christina.

Topher’s maternal grandmother was named Helen O.

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  1. celebfan says:

    Tthis says that his maternal grandfather, Walter Joseph McCabe, is the son of George P. McCabe and Mary Mitchell. Those are both Scottish surnames, but there is no mention of Scottish ancestry here.

  2. roman2886 says:

    he looks so much look like Toby Maguire they should play Brothers they look like Brothers.

  3. WTF says:

    LMFAO WTF!?!?!? He looks white as hell, how the f*ck is he “EXOTIC”???????

  4. ashash says:

    He’s exotic. Too bad he was overshadowed by Ashton Kutcher . . . who isn’t exotic.

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