Tony Gatlif

Gatlif in 2012, photo by Denis Makarenko/

Birth Name: Michel Dahmani

Place of Birth: Algiers, French Algeria (now Algeria)

Date of Birth: 10 September, 1948

*father – Algerian Kabyle Berber
*mother – Spanish Romani

Tony Gatlif is a French filmmaker, screenwriter, composer, actor, and producer. He has directed and written the films Latcho Drom, which tells the origin and journey of the Romani from India to Europe; as well as Mondo, Gadjo dilo, Je suis né d’une cigogne, Vengo, Swing, Exils, Transylvania, Korkoro, and Geronimo. His films often depict Romani culture.

His father was an Algerian Kabyle Berber. His mother was Romani. She is said to have been descended from Spanish Romanis, who migrated from Spain to North Africa. Tony moved to France in 1960, during the Algerian War of Independence.


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  1. andrew says:

    I’d omit Algerian from his mother’s side.

    All sources say his mother was Gitana (from Andalusia),

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