Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

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Birth Name: Anthony John Abbott

Place of Birth: Lambeth, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 4 November, 1957

*75% British Isles [English, including possibly some Scottish]
*25% Dutch

Tony Abbott is an Australian politician. He served as Prime Minister of Australia, from 18 September, 2013 to 15 September, 2015. He has been Special Envoy for Indigenous Affairs, since 28 August, 2018. He has also been a Member of the Australian Parliament for Warringah, from 26 March, 1994 to 18 May, 2019, Leader of the House, from 26 November, 2001 to 3 December, 2007, Leader of the Opposition, from 1 December, 2009 to 18 September, 2013, Leader of the Liberal Party, from 1 December, 2009 to 14 September, 2015, and the 10th Chairman of the Commonwealth of Nations, from 18 September, 2013 to 15 November, 2013, among other positions.

Prime Minister Abbott is the son of Fay (Peters) and Richard Henry “Dick” Abbott, a maritime engineer. His father is English, from Newcastle upon Tyne. His mother is Australian, from Sidney, and has Dutch and English ancestry. He is married to Margie Abbott, with whom he has three children.

Prime Minister Abbott’s paternal grandfather was Ernest Henry Abbott (the son of Ernest Richard Abbott and Ada Grace Yabsley). Prime Minister Abbott’s grandfather Ernest was born in Devon. Prime Minister Abbott’s great-grandfather Ernest was the son of Henry Abbott and Eliza Jane Cowell. Ada was the daughter of John William Yabsley and Amelia Caroline Triggs.

Prime Minister Abbott’s paternal grandmother was Jane Elizabeth Keir (the daughter of John Keir and Sarah Murray). John likely was the son of John Taylor Keir.

Prime Minister Abbott’s maternal grandfather was named Anthony Bredschneijder Peters (the son of Willemina Bredschneijder). Willemina was Dutch, and immigrated to Australia with her son Anthony. The surname Peters comes from Willemina’s second husband, Hendrik F. Peters.

Prime Minister Abbott’s maternal grandmother was Phyllis Irene Lacey (the daughter of Arthur George Lacey and Lucy Fudge). Phyllis was born in Gelligaer, Wales, to parents from Gloucestershire, England. Arthur was the son of Charles Lacey and Mary Ann Hand. Lucy was the daughter of Job Fudge and Louisa Gibbs.

Prime Minister Abbott is one of five people of significant non-British Isles ancestry to have served as Prime Minister of Australia. The other Prime Ministers of significant non-British Isles ancestry were:
*Chris Watson (who served for the Labour Party from 27 April, 1904 to 18 August, 1904; Watson’s father was of Austrian or German descent)
*Harold Holt (who served for the Liberal Party from 26 January, 1966 to 17 December, 1967; two of Holt’s great-grandfathers were German)
*John Gorton (who served for the Liberal Party from 10 January, 1968 to 10 March, 1971; one of Gorton’s great-grandfathers was German)
*Malcolm Fraser (who served for the Liberal Party from 11 November, 1975 to 11 March, 1983; Fraser’s maternal grandfather was Jewish)

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  1. madman says:

    “Keir” is a Scottish surname and “Murray” can be Scottish or Irish, so his paternal grandmother likely had Scottish ancestry. Also, where did you find the names of his ancestors beyond the grandparents?

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