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Birth Name: Thomas William Selleck

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 29, 1945

*father – English, Scottish, Irish, more distant German
*mother – English

Tom Selleck is an American actor and film producer. He is known for starring on the series Magnum, P.I. and Blue Bloods, and in High Road to China and the Three Men films.

Tom is the son of Martha and Robert Dean Selleck, a real estate developer. His father was of English, as well as Scottish, Irish, and more distant German, ancestry. His mother’s ancestry is English. Tom is married to Jillie Mack. He has a son with his former wife, model Jacqueline Ray, and a daughter with Jillie.

There is an internet rumor that Tom’s father was of Slovak/Rusyn descent, possibly because of his perhaps unusual-sounding, English surname, Selleck. This is not accurate.

Tom’s patrilineal line traces to Robert Selleck/Sellock, who was born, c. 1575, in England.

Tom’s paternal grandfather was George Samuel Selleck (the son of Samuel/Sam H. Selleck and Mary Clementine Fricke). Tom’s grandfather George was born in Hunters Creek, Lapeer, Michigan. Tom’s great-grandfather Samuel was the son of Samuel Horace Selleck and Sarah Augusta Daily/Daley/Dailey. Mary was the daughter of John Francis Fricke and Phebe Shadbolt.

Tom’s paternal grandmother was Nellie Louisa Fife (the daughter of William L. Fife and Sarah Elizabeth/Eliza Glenn/Glynn). Nellie was born in Chatham, Kent, Ontario, Canada. William was born in Peterborough, Peterborough County, Ontario, and had roots in Kincardine, Fife and High Comorie, Nielstoun, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He was the son of John William Fife and Elizabeth Pearl Learmonth. Sarah was born in Vernonville, Northumberland County, Ontario, to an Irish father, Joseph/John H. Glynn, and to a mother, Sarah Chambers, with English ancestry.

Tom’s maternal grandfather was Fred Grant Jagger (the son of Thomas/E. Jagger and Eliza James). Fred was born in Philipsburg, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, to English parents. Thomas was born in West Riding, Yorkshire, the son of Robert Jagger and Elizabeth/Eliza Jackson.

Tom’s maternal grandmother was Martha Birchall/Birchell (the daughter of James Birchall and Mary Ann Brown). Martha was born in Pennsylvania, to English parents, from Lancashire. Mary Ann was the daughter of James Brown and Sarah Ann Partington.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. muricansareallmutts says:

    Race: The Mustache.

    Seriously, Alpine.

  2. Thodoris says:

    Selleck is actually stands for “Selić” and it’s a Serbian last name, originated from Montenegro (Rovac family branch), city of Nikšić.
    Family Selić are close related with Macura family; almost every member of the both families, uncharacteristically for the Serbian-Montenegrin population, has GREEN eyes – “matzura” means “green”, in some… Balkan Gaelic dialect…
    All of the other phenotype features (of Tom Selleck) are screaming “SLAVIC” to me – big, falling, empathic eyes; bushy, Dinaric eyebrows; small, narrow, Dalmatian skull; tall, slender built (Dinaric); very hairy body, judging by the look of his arms (“Her Alibi”)…
    I am a Serbian-Greek, born in Belgrade, Serbia… and a great fan of “Her Alibi”…

    • bablah says:

      Lol, what, no. Can’t you read?

      ”Tom’s patrilineal line traces back to Robert Sellock, who was born in the 1500s, in England.”

    • ALEXSANDERTG says:

      I can understand the confusion, being of Slavic ancestry and born in the town with the old English D, Detroit, too! You don’t think of big old hairy Tom Selleck as English [maybe Scotts!] and I remember when he made the WWI flying movie in Yugoslavia. He said he fit right in and nobody recognized him as Tom Selleck the movie star. He was very happy to be just a normal guy walking around without anybody gawking at him or bothering him for an autograph.
      I had read he was Czechoslovakian, You must admit Selleck sure sounds Slav. Looks, name. Got that ethnic flavor defiantly! I also thought Belgravia, the posh London district must have been founded by rich Russian Oligarchs! So whose to know and when we get your genetic test, most people are floored about it. Like the most English of English Pierce Morgan, who found out he doesn’t have a drop of English blood! By the way, those two major Slavic countries of eastern Europe Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia are no longer. So nobody is after all Yugo or Czechoslovak anymore. Like our former first lady Melania Trump, Yugoslav born and bred, now just a Slovenian. They’re not even communists anymore over there and her dad was a big communist party boss! Nothing makes sense anymore, especially America going commie now. Tom it’s time to run fer president, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!.

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