Suella Braverman

Birth Name: Sue-Ellen Cassiana Fernandes

Place of Birth: Brent, Middlesex, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 3 April, 1980

*father – Konkani [Goan]
*mother – Tamil

Suella Braverman is a British politician and barrister. A member of the Conservative Party, she has been Chair of the European Research Group, from 19 June, 2017 to 9 January, 2018, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, from 9 January, 2018 to 15 November, 2018, Attorney General for England and Wales/Advocate General for Northern Ireland, from 13 February, 2020 to 2 March, 2021, and again, from 10 September, 2021 to 6 September, 2022; and Home Secretary, from 6 September, 2022 to 19 October, 2022, and again, from 25 October, 2022 to 13 November, 2023; as well as, a Member of Parliament for Fareham, from 7 May, 2015 to 30 May, 2024, and for Fareham and Waterloovillee, since 4 July, 2024.

She is the daughter of Uma (Mootien-Pillay), a nurse and councillor, and Christie Fernandes, who worked for a housing association. Her father was from Kenya, and is of Goan Christian descent. Her mother was from Mauritania, and is of Hindu Tamil descent. They moved to England in the 1960s. Her uncle, Mahen Kundasamy, was Mauritian High commissioner to the U.K. Suella was raised in Wembley. She lived in Paris, France, for two years.

Suella is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Community. She is married to Rael Braverman, a manager of the Mercedes-Benz Group; with whom she has two children. Rael was raised in South Africa, and has lived in Israel; he is Jewish, and also has English Jewish ancestors.

Suella’s paternal grandfather was Roque Claudio Malaquias Fernandes (the son of Sr. Sant’Ana Avelino Fernandes and Ludovina Graciana Estrócio). Sr. Sant’Ana was the son of Sr. Roque Fernandes, and of a mother surnamed de Sousa. Ludovina was the daughter of Sr. Miguel Caetano Estrócio, and of a mother surnamed Fernandes.

Suella’s paternal grandmother was Cassiana Teotonia Exaltação Fernandes (the daughter of Sr. António Cancio Fernandes and Srª. Florinda Adelina Borges Afonso). Sr. António was the son of Sr. Inácio Salvador Fernandes and Srª. Joaquina Esperança Lobo. Srª. Florinda was the daughter of Sr. Irene Simão da Piedade Afonso and Srª. Matildes Piedade Soares.

Suella’s maternal grandfather was named Shri. Pandya Poolay Mootiem.

Suella’s maternal grandmother was surnamed Pillay.

Source: Genealogy of Suella Braverman –

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    Change Goan to Konkani [Goan]. Add the Konkani tag.
    Her ethnicity should be displayed as this to emphasize they are two separate ethnic groups:
    *father – Konkani [Goan]
    *mother – Tamil

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