Roman Kolinka

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: 16 September, 1986

*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*French (mother)

Roman Kolinka is a French actor and restaurateur. His father, Richard Kolinka, is a musician, who is a member of the band Téléphone. His mother, Marie Trintignant, was an actress. His maternal grandfather was actor, filmmaker, and racecar driver Jean-Louis Trintignant, and his great-uncles were motor car drivers Louis Trintignant and Maurice Trintignant.

His father is Jewish, of Ukrainian Jewish, Russian Jewish, and Romanian Jewish descent.

His mother is of French descent. Roman’s maternal grandmother is said to be the daughter of a Spanish father and an Arab mother. This does not appear to be accurate.

Roman’s paternal grandfather was Albert Kolinka (the son of Raphaël Kolinka and Malka Feldmann). Albert was born in Paris, France, to a Jewish family. Raphaël was born in Lutsk, Volyn Oblast, Ukraine, the son of Israël Kolinka and Ida Veïner. Malka was also born in Ukraine, the daughter of Henri Feldmann and Dora Leplkra.

Roman’s paternal grandmother is Ginette Kolinka (born Ginette Yvette Cherkasky, the daughter of Léon Youda Cherkasky and Berthe Fairstin). Ginette was born in Paris, France, to a Jewish famiy. She was a prisoner at Auschwitz, and survived the Holocaust, in which her father and brother were killed. Léon was the son of parents from the Russian Empire, Norhen Cherkassky, from Konotop, Sumy Oblast, and Zipper Levy, who was born in Kyiv. Berthe was born in Pitesti, Romania, the daughter of Meier Fairstin and Ernestine Lea.

Roman’s maternal grandfather was Jean-Louis Xavier Trintignant (the son of Louis Thimothée François Raoul Trintignant and Claire Françoise Tourtin). Jean-Louis was born in Piolenc, Vaucluse, France. Raoul was an industrialist, the son of Louis Henri Joseph Fernand Trintignant and Marie-Louise Celestine/Aimée Delaigue. Claire was the daughter of Louis Léon Tourtin and Thérèse Constance Cheyssen.

Roman’s maternal grandmother is Nadine Trintignant, a novelist, director, producer, editor, and screenwriter (born Nadine Marquand, the daughter of Jean Georges Marquand and Lucienne Fernande Cornilliat). Nadine’s siblings, Roman’s great-uncles, were Christian Marquand, a director, actor, and screenwriter, and Serge Marquand, an actor and producer. Nadine was born in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. Jean was the son of Léonce Joseph Marquand and Joséphine Henriette Jost.

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