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Ora in 2014, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Rita Sahatçiu Ora

Place of Birth: Pristina, Yugoslavia

Date of Birth: 26 November, 1990

Ethnicity: Albanian

Rita Ora is a British singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born November 26, 1990, in Pristina, Yugoslavia, to a Kosovan Albanian family. Her family moved to the U.K when she was a child, because of the persecution of Albanians in Kosovo. In 2015, she was named an Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo.

Her parents are Vera (Bajraktari) and Besnik Sahatçiu. Her father is a Muslim and her mother is Catholic. When asked about her ethnicity in an interview, Rita stated that she is “100% from Kosovo.” This can be seen, starting at the 2:30 mark, in this clip.

Her surname, Sahatçiu, is derived from the Turkish word saatçi, which means “watchmaker.” Her parents later added Ora, which means “time” in Albanian, so it could be more easily pronounced.

Rita’s paternal grandfather was Besim Sahatçiu, a film and theatre director (the son of Adem Sahatçiu and Besa).

Rita’s maternal grandfather was Osman Bajraktari. Osman was the Albanian consul to Russia, then part of the USSR.


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  1. zachbickle says:

    Even her mother’s surname is turkish. “Bajraktar / Bayraktar” means “standard bearer” in Turkish. Probably her ancestors served in the Ottoman army. Its a very very common surname in Turkey too.

  2. SClife says:

    She really gives me Rihanna vibes so I understand why people tend to compare the two. She also could pass as a Latin American.

  3. hottea01 says:

    This is the most natural look she ever done and she looks like her race white. She still has some tan but it’s not as crazy as her other looks.

  4. hottea01 says:

    Rita Ora is a white women the reason why you all get confused is because she tans her skin dark to look ambiguous. If you remove the tan skin, the makeup, put her natural hair color back cause blonde isn’t really her shade. She will look As an average white girl. the music industry wants a certain look for this white women especially Ariana Grande when she was really pale in victorious. Look at Rita Ora younger pictures especially from child to teen she looked white.

  5. abbracci says:

    That look is from the black African Moors.

    • Raggy Bitt says:

      When will you Americans understand that the nations of eastern and southern Europe are racially mixed.
      Not only because of invasions from the past but simply because of geographical position.
      What is it with you racist Americans? Rita Ora grew up in Albania where you’re not judged by you skin tone like in racist USA
      Secondly eastern and southern Europe aren’t mixed with black, we’re mixed with Arab, Turk, Tatar, Hun, north African in the Balkan region and south western Europe of course.
      It doesn’t matter, race doesn’t matter and please leave my people alone!
      And please stop harassing the world

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