Ray Nicholson

Birth Name: Raymond Thomas Broussard Nicholson

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 20, 1992

*paternal grandfather – either Italian or Latvian/Ashkenazi Jewish
*other ancestry – Cajun/French, Irish, English, small amounts of Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, Welsh

Ray Nicholson is an American actor. He has starred in the film Out of the Blue and on the show Panic.

He is the son of actors Rebecca Broussard and Jack Nicholson.

Ray’s paternal grandfather was either Donald Furcillo or Edgar Alfred Kirschfeld/Kirschfeldt. Donald was of Italian descent. Edgar was born in Liepāja, Latvia, and was of either Ashkenazi Jewish or Latvian descent.

Ray’s paternal grandmother was June Frances Nicholson (the daughter of John Joseph Nicholson and Ethel May Rhoads). June was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and was a showgirl. John was the son of Irish parents, Joseph J. Nicholson, who was likely from Sligo, and Ella/Ellen Lynch, who was from Cork. Ethel was the daughter of William Jakel Rhoads/Rhoades and Mary Alice Wilkinson.

Ray’s maternal grandfather was Jerome Thomas Broussard (the son of Jerome Anthony Broussard and Tommye Maude Griffis). Jerome was born in St. Martinville, Louisiana. Jerome was the son of Adolph Gaston Broussard and Anita Marie Millot. Tommye was the daughter of Thomas Owen Griffis and Bertha Virginia McCord.

Ray’s maternal grandmother was Rebecca Ann “Becky” Chaney (the daughter of John Edgar Chaney and Eleanor Grace Neff). Rebecca was born in Jeanerette, Louisiana. John was the son of Edgar Lincoln Chaney and Mabel Irene Ring. Eleanor was the daughter of Louis Claude Neff and Eleanor Philomine Bergeron.

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