Ray Mala

Birth Name: Ray Agnaqsiaq Wise

Date of Birth: December 27, 1906

Place of Birth: Candle, District of Alaska

Date of Death: September 23, 1952

Place of Death: Hollywood, California, U.S.

*father – Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – Inupiaq Inuit

Ray Mala was an American actor. He is considered one of the first Native American Hollywood stars.

Ray was the son of Karenak Ellen “Casina”/”Constance” Armstrong and William Mendel “Bill” Wise. His father was a Russian Jewish immigrant. His mother was born in Alaska, and was of Inuit descent. His granddaughter is actress Galina Liss.

Ray’s paternal grandfather was named Mendel Wise.

Ray’s paternal grandmother was named Dina/Dena Walsh/Wolsch.

Ray’s maternal grandfather was Preston Keyakpuk Mills (the son of Makpiiquaraq Cole and Makpiiq).

Ray’s maternal grandmother was Lorena Oyon “Nancy” Armstrong (the daughter of Yayuk and Tounounatuk).

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