Galina Liss

Birth Name: Galina Mala Liss

*37.5% Chinese
*25% Russian
*12.5% Ashkenazi Jewish
*12.5% Inupiaq Inuit
*12.5% Native Hawaiian

Galina Liss is an American actress.

Galina’s paternal grandfather was actor Ray Mala (born Ray Agnaqsiaq Wise). Ray was born in Candle, Alaska, and is said to have been the son of a Russian Jewish father and an Inupiaq Inuit mother.

Galina’s paternal grandmother was Galina Theresa “Princess Kropotkin” Liss (the daughter of Teodor Liss and Mary Bilkevish). Galina was born in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, Russia.

Galina’s maternal grandfather was Francis Koon You Mau (the son of Yin Fong Mau and Kim Len Won). Francis was born in Hawaii. Yin was the son of Chinese parents. Kim was also the daughter of Chinese parents, Sing Gkimm Won and Loy Kyau Chang.

Galina’s maternal grandmother was Lorraine Ching (the daughter of Harry K. F. Ching and Elizabeth Naholowa’a). Harry was the son of Chinese parents, Sen Ching and Keau Wong. Elizabeth had Native Hawaiian ancestry, and was the daughter of Solomon/Soloman Kaiapa Naholowa’a and Helen Makaole Pulehu.

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    Iñupiat —> Inupiaq

    Inupiaq is the singular form, I incorrectly used the plural.

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